5 Ways You Can Have a Safe and Unforgettable Time Driving Off Road


Driving off road woods can be a great stress free past time and a wonderful way to get away from the confines of town or city life. Along with the scenery, fresh air and carefree surroundings, it’s a must for any Britons who just want to kick back and get away from it all.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Many folk who make the effort to journey out of the cities and towns, are slightly reluctant to head back to the daily grind of everyday urban life, and who can blame them? Anyway, if you’re thinking of getting out there anytime soon, below are 5 ways to have a safe and unforgettable drive off road.

  1. Fill Up the Tank

First things first, so ensure that you have the juice to get you from A to B without any breakdown worries. Petrol stations just may be few and far where you are heading, so it’s best to have peace of mind and to get that tank filled up. (Or carry a couple of full containers with you)

  1. Give Any Two Wheel Users Some Space

Indeed, there are some folk on two wheels who like being off-road just as much as you and many others, so give them at least half a car’s width of space.

Should there is not enough space to pass, simply hold back. Remember that motorcyclists may have to manoeuvre suddenly to avoid potholes or something. Be extra careful if cyclists are in a group and make sure you can pass all of them before trying to overtake.

  1. Suspension Woes

If you’re going off-road during your travels, you will need great suspension at your disposal. This will make your adventure that much more enjoyable, stress free and safer. Ask anybody who has the experience of off-road driving about the necessity of good suspension.

  1. Spare Tyre

Yes, you may already have one, just ensure that it’s in good condition and inflated. Nothing could be worse than people being in need of new tyres in Stoke on Trent, and finding out that the spare has perished! And remember, if you are going off road, reduced tyre pressures will boost traction in really soft conditions – but don’t forget to consider the subsequent loss of ground clearance. Plus, make a note to re-inflate your tyres when getting back onto a road!

  1. Water Crossings

If you may be crossing any short or long stretches of water, there’s definitely no hurry! And if through deeper water, make slow, steady progress and create a bow wave “cavity” in the engine bay to minimise any risk of water drowning the engine. Nowadays, modern disk brakes will still be perfectly workable after a watery event, but check them anyway just to be on the safe side.

Quality Time

So, a really great time and enjoy yourselves and drive safely!

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