What To Do With Your Car In Brisbane That Won’t Run


There comes a time that a car comes to the end of its life; and, what your best option is for the car can be a difficult one to decide. You spent years caring for the car, then suddenly it stops running, and your mechanic says that there is one thing to replace after another. The car isn’t worth the cost of repairs, and it is likely that even once fixed it will continue to give you problems. There is an option for your car, and that option is to sell it to Eagle Car Removals. We are a car removal company in Brisbane that pays top cash for damaged cars.

When we buy a car at the end of its life, we buy the car so that we can offer the eco-friendly service of recycling the car. Our car recyclers in Brisbane are the best there are, getting optimal value from cars that no longer have any road value or market demand.

When we buy a scrap car, you can count on a quote that is fair. We’ll ask you for the make and model of your car so that we can determine its size and weight. The car itself is comprised of about 65 percent steel which our recyclers will recycle. We then dismantle what is under the hood and will recycle any parts made of metals, steel, and precious metals. When we are done with your end of life car, you have turned the car into newly recycled metals. Metals that we pay you cash for, and will not charge you to recycle your car.

With us, you have eco-friendly car disposal that pays you cash. We are a top-rated Brisbane removal company that provides the courtesy of coming to you to buy and remove your car.

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To obtain a cash quote for your car, please contact Eagle Car Removals at the number below or fill up our online form. We are a car removal company that pays you cash to recycle your car that is at the end of its life.  Contact us over the phone or visit our homepage to complete our “Get a Quote” form. We guarantee a fair cash quote for your car of any make and condition. Call Eagle Car Removals at 07 3275 2178.

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