Want To Get Best Dash Cam-Find Here

Having a Dash Cam on your Car will make you allow getting the accurate directions. It can be safer to use a Dash Cam as it provides assistance while you are turning or moving at a busy place. But maybe you don’t have knowledge about Dash Cams and you are interested in buying a Cam. Here is a complete guide for those who know about the Cams and for those who don’t have knowledge about Cams.

Many companies are offering Dash Cams but those who are the great one and you can easily rely on them are given below:


MAISI is a British company and it has a great place in the market. Although there are many other Chinese companies who working and are well known but being a British One Company made MAISI a choice of people. This Cam performs well due to the advanced features.

Moreover, if you want to get a product which is not just famous but also which is cheap then buying this one will be suitable for you. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and it gives the best result. If you want the best result at the lowest cost then try to choose this one. Here you will be able to find 1296p and a viewing angle of 150 degrees. It can capture the motion imaging easily and will make your drive safely.


150 Degree Viewing Angle

6G Lens with F1.8P

2.7 Inch HD

2304*1296 Resolution 30fps


It will easily visible the display.

A Built-in G-sensor in case of emergencies is installed.

It can give fabulous imaging quality.


Don’t perform best at night.

Screen size maybe too large for some people.

Falcon Zero F170HD+

If you want to get a Dash Cam which is eye catching then you must select this one. This Cam is originally designed to add value in your car and it looks really great when it is placed. Moreover, along with this Cam, you will be able to get the best performance for long period of time. The price of this Cam is affordable and it will allow you to enjoy the performance. This Cam gives you marvelous performance.

It is not only in a good shape but also it can work well. Even the size of this Cam is small but the performance is awesome. It got all the features which a bigger Cam can give you. It is able to record and it can work well at night time too. Moreover giving the 1080 display is a value added option which you will surely enjoy. This company is situated in the USA but still, in the case of any issue you can contact and some of their nearest experts will help you out.

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