Yamaha Rx100- 5 Things you should know


The craze for the bikes is everlasting, in fact, with time it will increase not decrease. It is one of popular Japanese Trio gave its gem to the Indian market before 3 decades ago. Well, Yamaha RX 100 is considered one of best bike which has a tiny engine and a traditional style.

The bike has been built with 98 cc engine and the 2 stroke machine was a pocket rocket. The bike is favorite of so many people because of such a long commitment every time with modification. Weight of the bike is even light weight and high power output and the power to weight ratio of the bike is about 100 cc bike. The engine of this bike is really best which produces a maximum of 11 BHP and 10.39 NM of torque (the actual power values of a 125 cc or 135 cc machine). 95 KG weight has made it more responsive and the even the bike successfully made up of 0 – 400 meter run in 14 seconds.

Yamaha Rx100- 5 Things you should know

Features of Yamaha Rx 100

  • It has 4 speed transmission
  • Plus it has maximum power of 11 BHP @7500 RPM
  • From 0 – 60 KMPH in 7.5 seconds
  • It has even top speed of 100 KMPH
  • It has even front suspension – Japanese kayaba telescopic fork and oil damped
  • It has even rear suspension – swing arm, coil spring and oil damped
  • The top speed which Yamaha 100 provides is 100 KMPH
  • The maximum torque of 10.39 NM @6500 rpm

Some Important Facts about the Yamaha Rx 100

  • The bike has top speed of a 135 cc bike (100 kmph) without tuning
  • It is even manufactured from November 1985 to the March 1996
  • This bike comes under the best 100 cc motorcycles ever built in India and it even lost life because of strict rules.
  • The restoration and modification of the bike still continues
  • The tuned YAMAHA RX 100 can even cover the 0 – 400 metre distance in just about 14 seconds (is it not cool?)
  • This bike was manufactured between 1985 to 1987; the kits had been knocked down from the Japan and then assembled in India.
  • This bike falls under the category of most desired bike in India.
  • Lightning fast with super light body weight of 95 KG (dry weigt)
  • There is even slogan of Yamaha RX 100 which is ‘Born to Lead’ and Ahead of the 100s.
  • The road price of Yamaha RX 100 during 1987 Rs 19, 764.

Final Words

YAMAHA RX 100 is one of most demanding bike in India. That is why the feature of the bike is also selective and which is quite promising.  Its speed, design, comforts and colour makes this bike a desirable bike. Those who are looking for a stylish bike for even taking bike for travelling Yamaha RX 100 would be right choice and right bike.

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