What is the Value of My Car?


Let’s create your usual car, truck, SUV or crossover a fair, free, no-obligation offer before you go shopping for used trucks in sacramento!  We’re going to give you a free price description and a CarFax or AutoCheck vehicle history document, and we’re paying cash!  We want your ride, and we are prepared to pay for it!

Would you like to know your present car’s true value?

What is the real value of my used trucks in sacramento?  Is the dealer going to give me a good trade offer or are they going to try to lowball me?  How much more can I get by selling it myself?  Would my effort and difficulty be worth it?  Those questions remain in everyone’s head when the time comes to replace their old car.  Everybody needs as much cash as they can, of course, but at what cost?  Relax and let us assist you!

At Petrol Auto Sales, we have been working with the used car business in the Sacramento region for over 14 years now, and our expertise is at your fingertips free of charge.  This is what we want to do.  Let’s have a free assessment of your car.  On the spot, we’re going to make you a cash offer.  We will be providing you with a congratulatory report on the history of the vehicle.  You’re free to take it with you and talk about it if you’re not positive about our number.  You may even use it to bargain with your car with any private buyers who may be involved. We are proud to make good, big and competitive deals on cars used by private parties, and that’s why.  We purchase our stock from a lot of different places, but our favorite BY FAR place to buy vehicles is directly from the driver.

The conventional way of purchasing used cars from dealer dealers involves a lot of risks.  Dealer sales go fast and furious, and before purchasing it, it’s impossible to know what you ought to think about a vehicle.  Most dealers use the’ Purchase and Pray Strategy.’ It suggests they’re buying cheap vehicles at the sale, or doing low-ball sales, and praying they won’t have a major problem or a handful!

We would choose not to buy a car merely because it’s inexpensive.  We’d rather spend as much for our cars at Petrol Auto Sales and get a superior quality ride.  Who better than you to make us appreciate your car?  Take a couple of minutes and give us the chance to make you a good car deal and feel the difference in Petrol Auto Sales.  We want the highest quality used vehicles, vans, SUVs, and crossovers on the market to be bought and marketed and done in a way that is fair for our buyers.

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