What is Special in 2018 Genesis G80 Sport Sedan


When the twin-turbocharged 2018 G80 Sport from Genesis got released, it was mostly acknowledged as the most nascent luxury division of Hyundai.The sell took a big leap from its earlier records. If that raises your curiosity, about what played the key role in making the 2018 Genesis G80 Sport so hugely successful, then the following reasons might satisfy you:

The Power

As shared by the Cherry Hill Genesis dealer experts, to make the G80 Sport breathe into existence, Genesis has swiped in the engine into a twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V-6 that was even more powerful than the G90 model, which was larger in size.Genesis mated it up with the eight-speed automatic transmission of Hyundai, and both of them got planted beneath the hood.

Using the same transmission Genesis has now pulled in the naturally aspirated engines of G80, which is able to throw a whopping 311-hp and a torque of 3.8-liter V-6.What more? There is even an option to choose a greater horsepower of 420 combined with a torque of 5.0-liter V-8.

The turbo model has a manual-shifting mode that can be controlled by the paddles that are placedright behind the steering wheel.

The G80 Sports model got mostly sold with the rear-wheel drive option, while the all-wheel drive with a heated steering wheel can also be opted with an additional price of $2500. With all other standard settings well placed, the panoramic sunroofs to the bottom of their P245/40R-19 front and P275/35R-19 rear tires catch many more eyes.


The 2018 model of Genesis G80 Sport is spread out through a long 118.5-inch wheelbase, raising the expectations higher for a better ride while the interior keeps your spirit high with its roomy and perfectly molded curves. The seats welcome the passengers with their tidy look, and the materials maintainthequality with no compromise.The switchgear works with precision yet with ease and head-up display effectively performs its tasks, of working on both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay without an extra penny.

The Design

The G80 Sport wears a handsome look made out of subtle copper details matching well with the black-chrome. The cross-hatched grille’s edge around the wheel center caps attract the eyes, as well as the overall exterior does.

Goes Like Sport

With the leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a cabin so well insulated, the 2018 G80 from Hyundai Genesis proves that the series holds a special place in the automotive industry and none can deny it. The car moves with a style that goes unmatched and all this happens as it has done some special arrangements to bring in the real comfort without compromising on the safety rules.

As described by the Cherry Hill Genesis dealership experts, the Driver Assistance Features maintain all the industry standards, as the driver can concentrate on the road without any stress of driving without committing a single mistake.

The isolated driver seat, thereduction in noise and vibration while acceleration, all goes well with the clam movement of the vehicle with speed, while the scene outsidekeeps moving like a whizz.

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