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There are different causes for flat tyres. While annoying, they are fixable, and a repair that is typically less costly than trouble with the engine. Southside Towing offers the following information on what causes a flat tyre.

Firstly, when the tyre goes flat, the situation is one that is not favoured by most drivers. There is a sense of helplessness and anxiety as you are stuck on the side of the road. There are different reasons for tyres going flat, including:


When the tyre is leaking, your tyre will lose air. The leak may be a result of a damaged, worn, or broken valve stem or may be a leak from the intersection of the tyre bead if it is worn. The easiest way to check if either of these areas is leaking air is to apply water with a bit of dish soap to the areas. If the water starts to bubble, then you leak, and the issue will need to be repaired.


The outside temperature can cause tyres to lose air. In extremely hot weather the air within the tyre expands. Hot weather is also a time when there are more tyre blowouts because of the heat. The tyres are what is in contact with the hot pavement, and it is essential that you check your tyre pressure regularly.


When you fail to have your tyres regularly rotated, they may begin to leak. Tyres need to be rotated regularly. Check your owner’s manual for your car to determine your manufacturer’s recommended rotation interval service. Some car owners rotate their tyres with every other oil change or about every 6K miles.

If you do experience a flat tyre situation, get your car to the side of the road, or off the road, as quickly as possible. Driving on a flat tyre can create a great deal of damage to the car. Find a place where you can safely pull over, put on your hazard lights, and call Southside Towing. We are a towing service in Sydney that provides a rapid response time and quality tows that are affordable.

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