What Are The Problems With The Nissan Navara?


Nissan, which has produced strong and reliable Pick-Ups throughout history, continues to renew itself constantly in order to offer you what you desire. Nissan NAVARA, which has proven itself with millions of kilometers, has the best fuel economy and top performance you can expect from a Pick-Up with its 2.3-liter twin-turbo 190 HP diesel or single-turbo 160 HP diesel engine options. With NAVARA, which consumes only 6.4 liters* of fuel per 100 km, you will continue on your way without stopping. Get behind the wheel of it and enjoy a powerful, safe and extremely comfortable ride. * Mixed fuel consumption in manual transmission versions.

Cars from Japan have always been popular, as they are particularly reliable, safe and have excellent technical characteristics. However, they also have certain disadvantages. A powerful and roomy pickup truck has been purchased by millions of drivers. And from their numerous reviews and observations, it was possible to find out not only all the advantages, but also the disadvantages of the Nissan Navaro. After reviewing them, it is easy to decide whether to buy a car.

Nissan Navara is not very good corrosion resistance. Over time, rust affects the steel frame of the body, the bottom, the windshield frame, the lower edge of the doors, the tailgate. In general, plaque appears on almost all elements. Over time, chrome loses its luster, the coating begins to peel off and bubble. And after 3-4 winters, the fasteners stick so strongly that in order to unscrew them, you will have to thoroughly treat them with grease. You can get rid of the problem by additional anti-corrosion treatment. Tip: when buying a used car, you should carefully inspect the bottom for rust.


The disadvantage is that over time, the insulation on the wires is destroyed. As a result, the wires are exposed, which leads to malfunctions in the systems, a short circuit. In addition, such damage can lead to serious consequences in the form of fires (do not forget to check the operation of the fire extinguisher). It is also necessary to control the battery charge level (at the first deviations, it is worth changing it to a more capacious one). And another weak point in electricians is the periodic burnout of light bulbs and flashing indicators.

Timing chain.

Another common nuisance is the stretching of the timing chain. On average, the operational life of the part is 100 thousand kilometers. When passing this mileage, the timing chain often jumps, leading to costly engine repairs. Therefore, it is recommended to prevent this problem by diagnosing and replacing the part.

Front wheel bearings.

Almost every car requires at least one replacement of wheel bearings already during the warranty period (with active operation). You can understand about the sore by the corresponding noise of the front wheels, which disappears when the steering wheel is turned.

Rear axle.

Nissan’s manufacturing is characterized by austerity and the use of inferior materials. It is this problem that often leads to the destruction of the rear axle shaft. The soft sealing ring wears out quickly and starts to leak. If the problem is not identified in a timely manner, then the axle shaft works in a dry state. As a result, under load, it is destroyed. And if you do not monitor the condition of the rear axle, you will have to pay a round sum for repairs.

In general, if we collect all the reviews of the owners, then the Nissan Navara is a pretty good pickup truck, which has its pros and cons, and is quite suitable for operation in fairly harsh conditions. However, constant monitoring of Nissan Navara’s weak points is necessary, which will help to avoid serious problems and costly repairs.

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