Types of Servicing the Modern Cars Need


Cars of the older days are still an object of pride for the owners, especially the ones we used to see before twenty and more years. But they needed a serious servicing and tune-up that involved adjustment of valves, sometimes rebuilding or re-jetting the carb, replacement of the distributor cap, and of course the rotor. 

On the other hand, today the modern cars need none of that. But that doesn’t indicate a 100% maintenance free car that will consistently stay at the peak of its performance, fuel efficiency and safety, and reliability. Even the modern cars need a pattern of servicing in order to deliver what it is meant for, stated an experienced mechanic of a popular center of auto repair service in Marion

He also explained the kind of maintenance modern cars will always be in need of. 

Scheduled Maintenance

Modern cars are built based on different technologies and in support of different kinds of parts. Each of the mechanisms and the parts are meant to run longer than the earlier cars, but even these parts need certain maintenance to stay in their best shape. 

A timely maintenance schedule strictly followed as per the guidance of the manufacturer will benefit the car owners for a lifetime, as each of its parts will have a longer service life if maintained properly. 

To know how often your modern car needs maintenance, you need to refer to your owner’s manual where for each component you’ll be given a guideline from the manufacturer.

Oil, Filter and Other Parts

Modern cars have a cleaner breathing system that needs the support of both oil and air filters to protect the car mechanisms from dust and grime. Over a period of time, these filters get clogged up with the dust and debris, which leads to the inefficiency of the engine system of the car. When you replace these filters in time, you can observe a noticeable difference in the performance as well as inside the interior cabin. 

A fresh filter will not only regain the original gas mileage but also leverage the horsepower as well. It will also make the cabin air conditioner work better. To know when to change the filters we would recommend again to refer to your owner’s manual, but at the same time let you know that usually, you might need to replace them once every two years, or after covering 30,000 miles. 

Spark Plugs 

Though Spark plugs in modern cars are meant to last a lifetime, sometimes the carbon buildup inside it can reduce its efficiency to a significant level, depending upon the terrain you drive through. If the area is too polluted, many of its internal components can start wearing out. So, if you find your engine response deteriorating, know that it could be a sign of a bad Spark plug and you need to replace it.

The team of mechanics whom we spoke to at the center of car repair service in Marion also reminded us of checking the throttle body and cleaning it up once in a while to ensure a smoother ride experience.

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