Types of Car Mats and their qualities


The high demand for car floor mats motivates manufacturers to develop and market products that meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. When choosing such accessories for the cabin or luggage compartment, car owners can take into account a variety of criteria for custom car mats.

  1. Durability plays an important role
  2.  Low-quality rugs wipe quickly, after which you have to buy a new set, so many manufacturers reinforce those areas of rugs that are exposed to maximum impact

The durability of products is ensured by resistance to moisture, gasoline, detergents, exposure to chemicals that are used on the roads and are brought into the salon with shoes. The elasticity and softness of the rugs, as well as their special shape, allow them to match the characteristics of the car floor and easily recover from deformations.

 The presence of sides allows moisture to accumulate without seeping under the rugs; quality (not harden, becoming brittle, and not softened) at low and high temperatures. Each car owner decides for himself what criteria are of paramount importance for him and what additional properties the rugs he buys should have. To meet the needs of customers, manufacturers design and create a variety of rug models using traditional and modern materials.

The rubber mats with elasticity and strength, but also susceptibility to temperatures, are losing ground today under the onslaught of models made of more modern materials.  Polyurethane rugs (made of thermoplastic elastomers) are resistant to a variety of influences, including low and high temperatures, therefore high-quality polyurethane rugs are durable enough and are very popular;

The textile mats have a special appeal and allow you to create literally home comfort in the car, such models are created on the basis of a special car carpet and have rubber, gel, polyurethane foam or their combinations as a base.

Textile carpet mats are car classics, they are included in the factory equipment of most cars. Their main plus is aesthetics: the pile of the rugs is in harmony with the floor covering and fits well into the interior, creating an almost homey feel. Textile mats can be either homogeneous, made from a single piece of carpet, or with a pile on a waterproof rubber backing. The latter are more practical, since they do not get wet through and through, but even they fail before winter and the slushy off-season. The water-soaked pile rug does not have time to dry, which is why the interior smells of damp all the time. There is no question of aesthetics: beautiful in summer, in winter these rugs are covered with dirty spots and stains. Textile rugs are made for warm dry weather and clean streets.

Car mats can make the floor inside the car look cleaner. This is the most basic function of  personalised car mats. With the development of economy, the products of car mat manufacturers are gradually developing in a personalized direction.

 Among various materials, the most common is rubber car mats. These all make the heavy rubber and the bottom have a good grip. These pads are suitable for car interiors and completely avoid driving discomfort. Since most of them have a non-slip function at the bottom, there is no chance of slipping off. They are also lined or carved with dirt, water and mud captured on it to avoid slipping under the driver’s feet. Car owners can also choose to decorate polyester car mats widely used in the design.

The above is the personalized development of  trend of full-covered car mats introduced by professional manufacturers. Users are welcome to come and choose our company’s high-quality car mats.

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