Top 5 Craziest Custom Built Cars of All Time


Remember when we ’90s babies envisioned having a flying car by 2020? Well, it’s finally here! The world’s first flying vehicle is set to hit the market very soon.

Until it’s released, you’re likely wondering how to turn heads with a super cool ride. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of custom built cars that are sure to turn heads. Ready to see five of the most ingenious designs ever? Read on to get the full scoop.

  1. Dodge Deora – Alexander Brothers

Can you imagine having your custom car immortalized as a Hot Wheel’s toy vehicle? This dream came true for the Alexander Brothers who created the Dodge Deora.

This car is one of the most recognizable custom vehicles in history. The Alexander Brothers wanted to build a custom pickup, so they asked Harry Bradley to come up with a design. Bradley based his ideas off of Chrysler’s A100.

Chrysler liked the design so much that they gave the brothers an A100 to customize. Once the car was complete, Chrysler even showcased the design at car shows!

  1. The Reactor – Gene Winfield

Gene Winfield hand-built The Reactor.

His custom car is a celebrity all on its own. It’s been on movies like “Star Trek,” “Mission Impossible,” “Bewitched,” and “Batman.”

  1. Ice Cream Truck – Mister Cartoon

Who doesn’t remember running after the ice cream man as a youngster? If you’re interested in unique car customization, then you’ll love Mister Cartoon’s vision.

This one-of-a-kind low-rider took two years to create. While finishing up the custom car, the DEA reportedly shut down the shop. Unbeknownst to the creator, the ice cream truck got sold.

About six years later, Mister Cartoon got a call from a stranger. The man claimed to own the ice cream truck and asked Mister Cartoon to finish his work. Now, the full tricked-out truck is as much a legend as it is unique.

  1. Wooden Ferrari – Livio De Marchi

Can you imagine a car that floats?

That’s exactly what Livio De Marchi’s Wooden Ferrari does. He spent four months chipping away at a block of wood to create his dream car. This unbelievable custom car can be found floating around the Venice canal.

  1. 3D Printed Cars

3D printers have the potential to change the world. But, can they print cars? Absolutely! The Blade is the world’s first 3D printed super car, but there’s been plenty of designs since. The possibilities are endless with this type of personalization.

Custom Built Cars of the Future

These top five custom build cars are some of the craziest vehicles of all time. With today’s awesome tech, you can craft the car of your dreams. Will your custom built car become a part of a list like this in the future?

If you’re hoping to build your own car, then you’ll likely need a lot of help. You’re in luck, though, because our site is full of free resources that can help you achieve your goals. Keep browsing through our blog to see more of our latest articles.

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