Tips to Prolong Your Truck’s Battery in Melbourne


Truck batteries aren’t cheap, so the longer you can keep them in good condition, the less expense you will incur. Typically, battery lasts between three to five years. Cash For Your Cars Melbourne offers the following tips to prolong the life of your battery.

  1. Check the water (electrolyte) level – Be sure that the water level of your battery is not too low. Set a regular schedule for topping off your battery. Checking water levels should be done once or twice a month during the hot temperatures. When adding water to the battery use only distilled water and do not overfill.
  1. Keep your battery clean – Cleaning your battery will help to prolong its life. Remove all dirt from the terminals using warm soapy water.
  1. Regularly charge your battery – You may not realise it, but when your car is turned off, your battery still drains. Truck batteries should be fully charged once a week.
  1. Avoid Melbourne sun, and park in the shade – Melbourne’s hot weather is hard on a car’s battery and will shorten its lifespan through prolonged exposure. Be sure to park your car under a roof, in a garage, or in the shade.
  1. Don’t operate your car accessories before turning on the car ignition – A truck’s battery is only designed to provide power for the ignition and not for electronics and other devices. Be sure that before you use accessories in your car, you turn on its ignition.
  1. Don’t let your car sit idle for too long – Truck batteries drain when the truck is turned off and if the truck sits idle for extended periods of time the alternator will not charge the battery.
  1. Insulate your truck’s battery – Using a truck battery insulation kit to insulate your truck’s battery will protect it from extreme temperatures.
  1. Secure your battery to protect it from vibration – Securing your battery will help protect it from damage which could cause the battery to malfunction.

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