The Inherent Risks of Using Poor Quality Hydraulic Lubricants in The Mining Industry


Fluid or high pressure air that is injected under the skin at any and all pressures going down to as low as 7 bars (100 psi) can cause potentially crippling injuries and can even lead to outright death if not treated promptly. This holds even more true in the cramped and confined quarters of a mine where workers are mining deep underground. By the time they are able to reach medical help, permanent harm way well be caused. This is why it is absolutely imperative that only top grade lubricants should be used for the purpose of lubricating heavy machinery that is typically used for such high risk mining operations.

Apart from that, there is another added danger of using such low cost and poor quality fuel with special reference to mining operations(regardless of the depth at which they are carried out). Poor quality lubricants lead to higher friction. This in turn, leads to the heating up of the machinery. Now only can it lead to a release in air pressure, but it can also cause a fire hazard. This danger is further compounded by the very nature of the mining industry. Even a very small scale explosion can lead to the collapse of critical air passageways as well as regular paths and tunnels. With the miners being trapped literally deep underground without food, water and sometimes even oxygen and even that is, if they are not buried alive in the first place.

Add to the fact that many mining operations lead to a release of methane gas that is often found in pockets deep underground. Even a minor fire can effectively spark a full-fledged conflagration that can engulf the whole mine at lighting speed, potentially leading to a tragedy of almost horrendous proportions. This is the part where some really good quality fuels available with can come into the picture.

As a matter of fact, the higher the quality of the lubricant used in the heavy equipment that is so critical to deep mining operations, the lesser the chances of there being a tragic mishap of any sort whatsoever.

Add to that the fact that the high pressure air escaping from the hydraulic system can also lead to absolutely ghastly injuries deep inside the mine shaft. This is because low quality lubricants often allow the build up of heat in the machinery to such an extent that the machine forces the release of the air through the path of least resistance. This, in turn leads to the blowing up of machinery and violent ejections of not just super-hot air but also bits and pieces of metal that turn into shrapnel and can cause serious injuries in their own right.

This problem is further compounded by the humid and hot atmosphere of a mine shaft or tunnel. Since the heat so dissipated has no place to go, it leads to a further increase in heat build-up rates of the heavy machinery in the mine. Here, it is pertinent to note that more often than not, low quality hydraulic fluids are directly responsible for this sad state of affairs. And consequently, using better quality ones can mitigate it to a reasonable extent.

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