The Efficiency of the Newly Introduced Mazda Petrol Engine


There is good news for Mazda fans this year. What is it? Mazda is going to win one of the most significant races ever seen in the car industry. This popular Japanese brand has announced about their plan of launching a revolutionary engine on the advent of the year 2019. An engine that will deliver low and diesel-like fuel consumption even when running on petrol.

A Preview of this New Engine

At the Monterey Peninsula Mazda dealership, we came to know that this new engine from Mazda will be of 2.0-litre four-cylinder one that will go into production with the next generation engines that would work under the hood of its popular Mazda3 series. The aim behind making this new engine is to ensure that manufacturing affordable yet efficient internal combustion become the trend of the coming decade.

The new Mazda engine will use a form of compression ignition, exactly like the diesel ones, in which an innovative way of combustion will be entirely developed by this Hiroshima car maker. If we compare this with today’s engines, it will be able to burn a smaller mix of petrol and air, and in the process the power will climb higher while the carbon dioxide emissions would be drastically cut down.

How it Will Work

This breakthrough technology Download Latest Whatsapp Status from Mazda is most likely to create a tiny ball of fuel and air that can be easily ignited around the tip of the engine spark plug. Next when it will set off by the ignition of the spark plug, the fireball will automatically expand to compress the small mixture and start filling up the rest of the cylinder to make it burn too.

The engine will also have a small supercharger – which is named by Mazda as an “air-supply device”, the purpose of which will be to push an extra amount of air to the cylinders so that it will thin down the consistency of the fuel mixture, but not to boost any power. There will also be high-pressure fuel delivery along with in-cylinder sensors.

Specifications of this New Engine

The experts in the Monterey Peninsula Mazda dealer assured that the engine will look good too. Smooth in its edges, it will work in silence. With a 140kW of power at its disposal, it is most likely to rev really well. The 2.0-litre will be able pull strongly even low and middle engine speeds like a turbo diesel and will be capable of spinning easily to 6000rpm, what is expected from a petrol engine. Relevant data-logging equipment will be fitted to the cars that will record the fuel consumption rate of the car running with this engine.

The company is now working on engineering a battery-powered car for 2019 on the basis of the belief that internal combustion engines will still a requirement for the majority of cars including hybrid or plug-in hybrids, for the next 20 years.

Overall this new engine will confirm the belief of Mazda that by improving the efficiency of the internal combustion engine a great amount of carbon dioxide can be reduced that is emitted by cars.

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