The 3 Benefits Of Getting The Parts That You Need At Your Local Breakers Yard


Keeping a car on the road in the UK can be expensive and there are many government regulations that you need to follow. For example, if your car is over 3 years old, it must go through an annual inspection to make sure that it is roadworthy and safe. Police are also checking for ongoing things like thread depth on tyres and they are monitoring your speeds on the road as well. Either of these can get you a fine and it’s not cheap. If your car breaks down, you need to be able to try to save some money when it comes to the part that you need. The main dealer is too expensive, so you need to call into your local breakers yard to find the part there.

Your local breakers yard can supply you with all your car parts in Brighton as well as body panels and tyres. They are a one stop shop for everything to do with keeping your car on the road. Here are the benefits of using such a service.

  1. They stock many parts for all cars and even parts from cars that are a little old. If you can’t find a specific part for your classic car, chances are your local breakers yard will have it.
  2. As mentioned briefly above, they keep great quality tyres and rims that have many thousands of miles still left on them and you get them significantly cheaper than at the tyre store.
  3. If you want to sell your old car, then they offer that service as well. You get cash for your car and you are doing the environmentally responsible thing. You kill two birds with one stone.

Save yourself money, time and stress and get yourself down to your local breakers yard in Brighton today.










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