Some Common Collision Repairs


In the past, car design philosophy stated that cars should be made of unbending and unbreakable steel. They were designed to resist any damage. While that might have made for much stronger cars, it also led to more injuries. Recent research is now indicating that the car needs to absorb as much of the collision impact as possible. If you crash your car and the bumper crumples, it will dissipate a lot of the force. Therefore, cars are now designed with crumple zones and impact zones that can be destroyed in even a fairly non-serious collision, and you need to keep a good collision repair specialist in mind if such an accident occurs.

Bumper Damage

Damage to your bumper is incredibly common in just about every kind of crash. That’s what they are designed to do. Bumpers are made so that they will take the brunt of the force of a collision. Modern bumpers crumple almost completely when they hit something, so a bumper repair is one of the most common Mercedes-Benz smash repairs in Melbourne. If you get into any kind of collision that takes place on the front or rear of the car, you’ll likely need to get your bumper repaired.

Frame Damage

Your car is built on a frame. There are many different car frame designs. The frame, unlike the rest of the car, is designed to remain rigid even in case of a collision. If the frame of your car bends or cracks, your entire vehicle is compromised. You’ll need to have extensive repair work done to your car. To determine whether or not you have frame damage, you’ll need to take it to a collision repair specialist who will be able to inspect your frame for any damage. In addition to the obvious damage, he or she will be looking for signs of weak points as well. A frame doesn’t necessarily fall apart cleanly. Sometimes, a collision might just weaken a few joints.

Rust Vulnerabilities

When you have a collision, your frame, bumpers, engine mount, and much more might be damaged in minor ways. For example, a floor panel could be scratched or slightly bent by the crash. It might seem like a small problem but it’s actually fairly significant since that could indicate paint has flaked off at the site of impact. Paint or sealant seals out moisture to keep the metal parts from rusting. If that paint is flaking off, rust could set in. Over time, rust and/or corrosion will degrade the quality of the steel.

Paint Matching

Matching paint is incredibly difficult for a mechanic, which is why you need a specialised collision repair shop. Matching paint involves more than just finding the same brand and colour. Over time, paint changes colour as it fades or oxidises. Since the colour of the paint changes, it will be obvious if the mechanic simply paints it with a brand new can of that original colour. The new paint has to be mixed to match the colour in its current state. Such a task requires a collision repair expert.

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