Restoring a Car? Here’s How a Professional Can Help


People adore classic cars, but market prices dropped 5% in 2019. Why is that?

People love the look of classic cars, but they don’t like the way they drive, and they don’t come equipped with modern features. Most don’t even have air conditioning.

Then again, who doesn’t love the look of a refurbished 1978 Pontiac Firebird? Classic vehicle restoration is a hobby and a passion. Even if you have mechanical ability, you might need professional help with restoring a car.

Read on to learn about what a car restoration professional can do for you.

No Muss No Fuss

You bought your dream car at an auction, and now it sits in your garage. You know the project may take years before you drive it around town or display it on a classic car cruise.

Experts say a full restoration may take up to 2,000 hours!

Why wait that long? We all have busy lives. A professional car restoration takes the work off your hands and gets your classic car road-ready in months rather than years.

Body and Paint Restoration

You know your way around a carburetor. You might be a professional mechanic or a novice who knows their way around a classic car. People love working on old cars because they’re easier to repair.

You don’t have to worry about computer chips, sensors, or hooking it up to a diagnostic machine. You can perform a wheel replacement.

What about the body? If you don’t have the tools and the experience to perform a paint job, the whole look is ruined. Let’s be real, the look of a vintage vehicle is as vital as the engine.

A professional provides expert body restoration by:

  • Replacing or replating trim
  • Smoothing body waves or dents
  • Repairing any rust
  • Using paint correction to remove baked-in dirt and debris
  • Undercoating and then finishing with ceramic coating
  • Window repair or new window installation

Intense Detailing

Why would you go through the process of refurbishing a classic car and ignore the interior? The kind of intense car dealing necessary to restore the interior needs a pro’s touch. Here’s what they do:

  • Shampoo and deep clean seat covers and carpet
  • Repair or replace torn or ripped fabric
  • Restore dash and door coverings
  • Replace interior trim
  • Clean or replace any knobs or handles
  • Repair or replace seat springs

Restoring and detailing the interior of a classic car is a massive and laborious job. Check out this auto detailing guide for some helpful tips.

Restoring a Car Is Hard Work

Classic cars are a passion, not a money maker. Restoring a car is hard work, but it’s also a labor of love. That being said, you shouldn’t be afraid to consult a professional.

A pro will ease your burden and ensure your car looks as sharp as the day it rolled off the assembly line. Anything less is unacceptable.

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