Responding to the Police When Interviewed After a Car Crash


You should call the police as soon as you get involved in a car accident. You need the authorities to be there to have a police report. You need it to file an insurance claim. It’s also for your safety. The other driver might feel enraged because of what happened, and you need the police for protection. Both parties will receive questions from the authorities on the spot, and you need to provide accurate responses.

Be polite 

There’s no need to be defensive. When the police ask questions, it doesn’t mean that it’s your fault. It’s a standard procedure, and you won’t get charged right away. Respect the authorities since they’re only doing their job. Regardless of how you feel about the authorities, you should stay polite. Don’t raise your voice or respond in an impolite manner.

Try to recall what happened

Try your best to recall what happened before and during the accident. Your memory might be unreliable at the time due to a concussion or emotional trauma. Despite that, you have to do your best to answer the questions properly. Don’t twist the story to fit your narrative and clear your name. The truth will eventually come out, and lying doesn’t help.

Inform the police if you feel unwell

If you feel physical pain or you can’t answer the questions correctly, tell the police about it. They will understand your situation, and won’t force you to respond if you’re not ready to do it. The police will note your request in the report. You might still need to give your statement at a different time, so you have to prepare for it.

Never show anger

Even if you believe that you’re not at fault, you should stay calm. Never engage with the other party. The authorities are there to determine what happened. The images taken from the site might help determine what caused the accident, and who’s at fault. Besides, even if you start a fight with the other party, it won’t solve anything. Worse, you might get physical injury charges. It’s even more terrible if you fight in front of the police. They might take strong actions to stop you from fighting.

Thank the police

After the interview, you have to express your gratitude to the police for coming over and helping you out. Ask if there’s anything else that you have to do. Otherwise, you have to go home and take a rest. Don’t forget to call the towing company to take your car away from the scene. If the car got wrecked, the towing company will do the job. Check out the services of a company providing towing in Boynton Beach if you need help in this regard. You will receive quick and reliable service.

Never consider the police as your enemy. They will do their best to settle the issue and get as much evidence as possible. You have to cooperate and do what’s necessary. If you face criminal charges, later on, you should lawyer up.

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