Reasons Why You Should Try Vintage Car Rental on Your Next Vacation Trip


Think about how cool you’ll look in a vintage car. All vintage car rental places are not the same as we’ll discuss here. Some vintage car rental establishments are better than others. We will attempt to answer some questions about this. Going on a road trip in a vintage car can be one of the most rewarding experiences that any one person can do.

Vintage Car Rental

Some old car rental places still are in business today with a loyal customer base. These old car rental places exist where there is a substantial financial base. In states like New York, California, and Texas, most vintage cars are that are rented are from the 70s-90s, however, they go back to the beginning of car making. However for a road trip and that kind of thing most rentals are in the 70s-90s range groups.

I know of a guy who rented a 1972 Volkswagen Superbeetle and drove it across from Northern California to the top of Texas panhandle. He said it was quite the experience. His average speed was between 45 to 50. It took him 4 days with stops on the way. He planned it so that he stayed in a hotel during the day and slept when he had to cross the Mojave Desert. Then he drove through the desert at night when it was cool.

It was one of the best adventures he had ever gone on he said. He said the trip is one that he would take again, but next time he might try to rough it and rent a vintage VW minibus or Westfalia. Many people, mostly younger people live in VW Westfalias. He said he would rent one of these and stay in campgrounds or KOA stations to further his adventure experience.

Another trip that was told to me was of one guy who rented a 1977 Chevy Camero and drove route 66 which part of it is highway 40, but you can still drive most of the old road. The small towns along the way and all the people he met and talked with really made it all worth it. Part of this drive went through the desert and he was surprised to find that the A/C worked very well in the vehicle, a real plus for him.

Some of these vintage car rentals really go through and make sure that everything works on these cars so that their customers get the most from their trip, so that on their trip they can fully enjoy the adventure. Most of these rental businesses have roadside service if you have trouble on the road. If the problem cannot be remedied on the road and the car has to be towed back, they will give you another car to be on your way. One that is the same or they don’t have the same make and model you will be able to choose another of your liking.

So if you really want a unique and amazing adventure to go on tryout renting a vintage car. Many people do it and have said that they will do it again and do not regret it and that it is something they will never forget.

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