Powder Coating For Steel

Worker wearing protective wear performing powder coating of metal details in a special industrial camera

Powder Coating For Steel

As one of the most widely used processes in manufacturing, powder coating adds the final surface layer to thousands of products,

including household appliances, garden tools, farm machinery, cars and car parts, window frames, sports equipment and many more. The result is a tough, high gloss, durable surface.

Steel Preparation

Powder coating can be used on all types of steel including sheet steel, stainless steel and cast steel. However, the surfaces of the steel need to be clean and free of substances such as oil, dirt and dust for curing to take place successfully and avoid unsightly blemishes occurring. Chemical preparation involves rinsing the steel in a tank of chemicals including acid, to remove debris and create a slightly roughened texture to the steel. An alternative method is for the steel to be blasted with sand, steel grit or glass.

Applying The Powder Coating

Traditional paint products need a liquid carrier, usually in the form of a solvent, to enable it to adhere to surfaces. Solvents release toxic fumes known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOL). Powder coatings do not contain solvents and are applied as a dry powder which produces a thicker, higher quality finish. Application is most commonly through a spray gun which releases a burst of electrostatic energy and reacts with the powder, causing it to quickly spread over the surface of the steel in a smooth, even coat. Alternatively, it can be applied in a tray where the powder receives an electrostatic charge which pushes the powder upwards to create the same smooth coverage.


To enable the setting or curing, of the powder coating to take place, it has to be heated in a curing oven up to a temperature of approximately 200 degrees centigrade for 15 to 20 minutes. During the curing process, the heat activates a chemical reaction which melts the particles of powder, resulting in them forming a solid bond with the steel.

Colours And Finishes

A wide range of colours can be incorporated into the powder producing consistent blends, an important factor for clients who need uniformity across their brand. Interesting effects can be created by adding layers of different colours, while finishes can be matt, gloss or textured. Powder coatings form hard surface layers that are extremely long lasting and weather proof, making them perfect for all types of products for use inside and out. Edmo are experienced in producing high quality, cost effective powder coatings.

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