Paintless Dent Removal – The Logical Solution


Most bumps we have when driving are very minor, and while it doesn’t affect the car in any way, a dent looks unsightly, and if the paint has not been compromised, Paintless Dent Removal, or PDR might be the perfect answer. This revolutionary process means the dent can be repaired without respraying, which happens to be expensive, and providing the technician knows what he’s doing, a ding can be repaired within minutes.

The Right Facilities

Not just any mechanic can undertake PDR and what’s more, your vehicle would need to be examined, to determine whether or not PDR is suitable. In some cases, the paint seal is compromised, and therefore PDR is not an option. If you are looking for affordable dent repairs in Perth, there is one company that has state of the art equipment and experienced PDR technicians, and they can very quickly remedy a small dent.

Making Contact

If we accept the fact that sooner or later, our prized set of wheels will pick up a dent, it makes sense to presource a local PDR specialist, and whenever the worst happens, you can make the call. Any established PDR provider would have a strong online presence and could be reached via their website or Facebook page (every company has one now), and once they have had a look at the damage, you will quickly know where you stand. If PDR is not suitable, they can still carry out the repairs the traditional way, but more often than not, a small dent can be accommodated with PDR.

Skilled Work

The people who carry out PDR are trained to use the special tools, and they know how much pressure to exert, in order to affect the repair, and their training would be comprehensive, and with the right equipment, the job is soon done. In some more remote areas, PDR might not yet have arrived, but if you live in the Perth area, you are in luck, as one of the market leaders has a depot nearby. When you consider just how many vehicles there are on the roads today, it comes as no surprise that a PDR specialist would be very busy, but they would be able to carry out the repairs within a day or so, and with an online booking system, things couldn’t be easier.

Rapid Repairs

Ask any bodywork specialist and he’ll confirm that dents and scratches shouldn’t be left unrepaired, and a modern PDR facility would do their best to fit you in on the same day, if at all possible. Having a website helps, and you can make contact using your smartphone from the site of the accident if you wish. They would be happy to send someone over to take a look, and with their expert advice, the repairs will soon be completed, and you can continue with your busy schedule.

Wherever you live, there should be a PDR specialist nearby, and in the event you experience a slight knock, they are the people to talk to.

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