New models are here with the improvement in technology


With the development of technology and standard getting higher day by day in the tyre industry. Every company is trying to give their best material product so the customer will buy their tyre instead of the rival company. In the result there are some of the most amazing innovations are taking place in the tyre manufacturing. There are over 200 materials nowadays that are being used in a good quality tyre, which makes its manufacturing a little costly but ensure your road safety more than other tyres.

Some History

The elastic rubber tires came to presence toward the beginning of the nineteenth century and as yet being utilized because of their toughness with the Road surface. Be that as it may, with the progression of time, even the elastic tires have experienced some genuine changes. There are numerous enormous names in the market right now in the elastic tires and they are the most established ones too in this market.

As we know about the way that the first principal for the methods for transportation from humankind was the wheel. However, with the progression of time, we have made some amazing progress when the tire was made up of the stones. After there comes the period of those tire which is comprised of steel set over wood by the ironmonger. The procedure of tire making has been changing bit by bit with the progression of time and there are numerous new materials which are being utilized in its generation.

Future Vision

Many manufacturers are trying to achieve the goal of making a perfect tyre which will last the lifetime. As technology is growing day by day that day is not that far. These tyres will probably be replaced due to the accident other than that there will be no need to change the tyres. In the future, there will be no concept of puncture and Tweel as they are from Bridgestone tyres. These tyre will be adaptive which means the same tyre can be used any kind of weather and harsh roads. All we need to do is conquer the tread wearing off from the tyre.

Tweel technology.

A Tweel is a kind of wheel material which is deformable, flexible and has a thread attached on outside of the tyre. In these tyres, you don’t have to worry about the tyre pressure, instead of tyre pressure they use the tension between sheer band and spokes of tyres. In a case of a jump, spokes absorb the impact and sheer band and tread get deformed temporarily.

Adaptive tyre technology

It is also a type of adaptive tyre that researchers have come up with. These kinds of tyres have the ability to adapt itself to the different weather conditions and harsh road conditions. Which means you don’t have to change your summer tyres in winters. They act as both weather condition tyres. These tyres will automatically change the thread size keeping up with the weather conditions automatically and this makes tyres in Dubai more sensitive.

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