MOT Testing – What You Need to Know


The Ministry of Transport Test is a requirement for all vehicles that are driven on the roads. If a police officer pulls you over and your documentation is incomplete, you might have to pay a hefty fine. MOT testing is designed to check the roadworthiness of your vehicle and determine whether it’s suitable for driving on the roads. MOT testing isn’t completed at the centralised ministry offices, but instead, the Ministry has authorised different service centres to carry out the test. Here are a few facts that you should know about the MOT testing.

What’s Tested?

  • MOT testing services in Plymouth are available from many local workshops and repair centres all over the city.
  • The test involves checking the emissions of your vehicle, as well as making sure that the engine is working fine.
  • On top of that, all external systems of the vehicle will be tested, which include the lights and the brakes.

Going for a Test

If you want to go for the MOT test, you will need to set an appointment with a local workshop in the city. The company will give you a date and time for the inspection, and you will bring your car to their workshop for the test. Once the assessment is complete, the company will provide you with a report and a certificate of the MOT test. If your car fails the test, they will give a checklist that you have to follow to get the car repaired and then bring the vehicle in for another inspection.

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