Make Quick Money from Your Motorbike


If you have a motorbike that you don’t ride any more, consider selling it to make some extra money. This extra money can be put to savings or can even be turned around and used to buy a brand-new motorbike.

It’s Difficult to Sell a Bike

At WeBuyAnyBike, we know how difficult it is to sell a bike. To make the process go a bit more easily and smoothly, an online valuation can be provided for your bike with just your registration number. Upon receiving the valuation, an offer can be made, collection of your bike occurs free of charge, and you’ll receive the money before the bike is removed from your property. There is zero risk involved for the seller, making the process a lot less time-consuming than going about selling a bike through a more traditional route.

This smooth and simple process is a great way to make the most money from your bike. No longer is there a need to pay for advertising and removal. Additionally, the selling process can be frustrating. Constantly hosting people at your home, some of whom might just be wasting your time trying to lowball you, can be aggravating. It can be especially aggravating when these people want to come and ride your bike. Every ride that’s taken just racks up the kilometres your bike has seen and risks damage. Selling a bike on your own can also run the risk of bouncing cheques. This can pose a problem with your financial institution, be costly, and can cause you a host of problems, dragging the process out longer than necessary.

How Do I Get the Most Out of My Bike?

Before selling, consider doing a proper clean of your bike. After all, a greased-up bike does not seem as appealing as one that gleams. It also appears as if your bike is not well taken care of when it is covered in dirt and grime. Though some may think that their bikes look well-loved and well used this way, to a potential buyer, it looks as if the owner was lazy.

Additionally, to make the process painless, be realistic when it comes to knowing what your bike is worth. Having a false sense of what your bike might sell for may only leave you disappointed. Instead, do your research. When researching, consider things such as the year, condition, and service history of the bike and compare it to other bikes that have sold. Several websites online can offer estimates for what your bike is worth. Inaccurately describing your bike can lead to problems when it comes time to sell. False descriptions will displease the buyer, frustrate the both of you, and may lead to a sale falling through. For those reasons, make sure that your description as well as your own perceptions of your bike, are accurate and not just what you think that people are looking for.

In the same vein, be organised. Sending your bike off with an owner’s manual, service documents, any available spare keys, and a proper bill of sale will leave a lasting impression on those interested in buying your bike.

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