Is It Possible To Rent A Car At 19?


Being a youth is sometimes a paradox. From the past, an individual aged 18 and above got considered to be mature enough. Of course, one can vote, go to the battlefields, pay taxes among other things in many states. But, of late, many car rental companies lost trust with individuals below 25 years to be able to drive the vehicles. Well, statistics show that under 25 drivers get involved in several auto accidents, unlike some age groups. The agencies have even punished the young drivers including the ones having good records. From being charged high fees daily, limiting the cars you can rent, to even banning underage drivers from hiring at all. So, what can a young road tripper do and manage to rent a car at 19?

  1. Go for less pricey cars

Sometimes back most, if not all big auto rental companies considered it as a risk to allow somebody to rent a cat at 19. The picture is not the same today since the drivers can hire from various locations run by Advantage, SIXT, Budget, Avis, Dollar, Hertz, Enterprise, National, and Thrifty. However, the places still charge the daily price which averagely is some dollars. The high-priced rental car types like the luxury vans, vehicles, and SUVs remain above the limits of this age category. Even though specific firms can allow the youth to rent specialty cars for an additional everyday fee.

  1. Compare restrictions and agency fees

Without doubts, every area having car rental agencies have different charges and restrictions. So, to rent a car at 19, you need to choose that place not having high rates and any limitations. You can compare what many company owners offer and also check if corporate charges are allowed. If you are working or in an internship and the underage are eligible, then the fee will be waivered. Things turn out well when your organization has an exclusive contract or an account with the rental agency. That means, as an employee you can rent a vehicle at low prices and also not pay the underage fees.

  1. Check location’s laws

It is no longer news that anyone aged between 18 and 21 is entirely unable to drive or rent a car from the big rental agencies. Thankfully, some states have laws that make the group not denied the chance.  The federal requirements call for agencies to allow drivers from 18 years and up to hire the vehicles. However, the individuals pay very much for the privilege, as some companies charge an extra daily fee.  There are some other places where the age penalties are not that high. You can see it all luck if you are in a state where there are smaller and lesser-known companies that do not restrict drivers to rent a car at 19. You can try researching online for independent auto rental agencies around your place or destination.

Finally, the truth is for someone to rent a car at 19 it will still be expensive and impossible until you attain 25 years. So, consider and confirm every transportation options available and go for the most convenient and worthy one. You need to estimate the total costs including the set daily rental charges including underage fees, insurance, and taxes then weigh with alternative travel ways. The resulting numbers will help you choose the perfect idea to help you save and buy your car.

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