Improve Your Business Efficiency With Tekmetrics Auto Shop Software


Businesses that are built on efficiency are not only financially successful, they have a longer lifespan, and their employees are happier, which in turn makes them more effective. Efficiency results in billing more hours but working less. By focusing on improving the efficiency of your auto repair shop, you will increase sales and profit margins. Here is how the tekmetric auto shop software will assist you in improving business efficiency.

Save space and time

With the tekmetric auto shop software you will reduce the amount of time it takes to perform the majority of your daily shop operations, this includes:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Contacting clients
  • Tracking and managing inventory
  • Ordering parts

Our auto shop software will also assist you in saving office and work space by enabling you to remove filing cabinets and other inconvenient items.

Organize your repair shop

When you consider the amount that you need to keep track of in order to run your shop efficiently, it can be overwhelming:

  • Technician schedules
  • Customer appointments
  • Invoices
  • Parts
  • Inventory lists
  • Repair orders
  • And more

Having this type of information written down or typed up and kept in folders is inefficient. Trying to implement an organized system for your shop is not only time consuming, but extremely costly. The Tekmetric auto shop software will assist you in managing and organizing your records efficiently from vehicle history, to customer receipts and accounting reports, all in one user friendly application. Instead of fighting your way through sticky notes or flicking through files, you can just type in the name of the customer and find all the information that you need.

Engage your customers

Customer retention is essential to the success of your business. Having their information at the tip of your fingers allows you to make a personal connection with them so that they feel welcomed and appreciated. Our auto shop software will enable you to engage with your customers through the following:

  • A message through text or email to remind your customer of an appointment.
  • A message through text or email informing your customer about the cost of repairs.
  • Send customer receipts through text or email
  • A message through text or email informing your customer that their vehicle is ready for collection.
  • A message through text or email informing your customers of the latest promotions and offers.


The great news is that you can improve the efficiency of your business FREE OF CHARGE! The Tekmetric auto shop software won’t cost you a penny for the whole of 2018. Click here for more information about our services. We look forward to assisting you in improving your business.

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