Important tips when you rent a car abroad.


Are you looking for a car for your next trip abroad? There are a lot of things that you have to consider that driving in a whole new environment, from international driving permits all the way to signing liability insurance, renting a car from another country can be a bit more difficult than renting a car at your place.

Hopefully, this international car rental tips from Exotic Car rental will help you out in getting a better deal, making sure that you have the appropriate documentation and most of all have a safe way to drive abroad.

  • Car rental booking- You should book the car in advance, most probably months before your scheduled trip to make sure that score a great deal or for a lower price. Also, you can choose more car selections to rent the best car out there, instead of booking a car a day before your scheduled flight. When you rent a car abroad through online booking, make sure that you found a special promotional offer like there is a slash of the total price of the rental fee and other perks.
  • Verify the drop-off of the car- A lot of rental agencies abroad will begin charging you for each 24-hour period from the time you availed of the rental and they will bill you a full day for cars that are returned after another exceeding 24-hour period that will begin. You should be aware that a lot of countries have a minimum and also maximum age for drivers allowed to rent their cars. Usually, drivers 25 and below are not allowed to rent while drivers 70 and above are not allowed or may add some surcharges.
  • Choose a compact car- If you are making reservations for car rental pickups at an airport where you will be landing, you should choose a smaller car than you would typically want because airport fleets are often packed with bigger cars for business travelers, but for your part, you can receive a free or cheaper upgrade for subcompact car booking. Also, be aware that European cars tend to be smaller than American cars.
  • Choose between manual and automatic- A lot of countries outside the United States prefer to drive manual than automatic transmission while for car rentals, the latter have a premium charge for it, so if you prefer to drive with a stick shift, you can actually save a lot of money as well as hassle. Also, be aware that the road lanes in other countries are completely opposite from each other, so be sure to drive comfortably, and many cars are also driven right-handed.
  • Secure an international driving permit- Other countries will be asking you to obtain an international driving permit that is basically a piece of paper that is translated in ten different languages to enable you to drive legally in their country. This permit is granted for more than a hundred countries abroad, so be sure to secure one before your scheduled flight. You can ask the licensing office in your place about the mechanics in obtaining an international driving permit.

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