Ideas to Identify Professional Towing Companies from Bad Ones


All of us have had bad experiences in our lives. Whether it a restaurant, a phone, or a vehicle. These experiences are a part of life and help us grow. But times have changed. Instead of experimenting ourselves, we ought to take a more proactive approach. Recently, my car broke down and I had to call a towing company or vehicle recovery service as some like to call it. Needless to say, my experience was not a good one.

Despite claiming to get to you within 25 minutes, I had to wait 45 minutes. All the while, the representative claimed that they are just 2 minutes out. If the recovery vehicle was far away, the least they could do is inform me. This was just the beginning. While towing the vehicle, the scratched my vehicle. When I confronted them, they said that the scratch was already there. Appalled at their response, I said just drop me at ABC.

When they dropped me off, they charged a lot more than initially agreed. Mind you, I had already informed them about the type of vehicle I owned, and where I wanted to get a drop off. But they made me pay a lot more than the initially agreed amount. Apart from a bad review, they also heard from my attorney. But this is not the focus of the article. I do not want others to go through the same experience. Hence, I will guide you on how to identify a professional towing company from a bad one.


Any professional company will have the licence or registration to operate. If it does not, they are just trying to rob you. So, make sure that the towing company has a valid registration. You can ask about it when you are inquiring about their services.


A professional towing company will be committed to providing quality service consistently. Read reviews online to know about the service quality. In addition to this, you can know a lot about the service just with the way you are treated during the initial process. For instance, I had to call 4 times when I booked my recovery vehicle. A professional company on the other hand would not make a customer wait this long or tangle him in so much red tape. On the other hand, when I tried PitStopArabia in the UAE, I was quite happy with their service. These guys were quite professional.


What separates a good company from a bad one? In my opinion, it is their workforce. A good company will invest resources in hiring a quality workforce and improving their skills through training. In a towing company, this means that the workers know how to deal with the customer and to tow a vehicle without scratching it!


A professional towing service will have a large fleet of recovery vehicles. This way, they can help customers at the same time instead of making them wait for long periods of time. Furthermore, they will have a recovery vehicle for each type of vehicle, i.e. SUV, sedan, commercial vehicles like vans etc. For instance, with PitStopArabia car recovery services I had to wait even less than the time they had given me. It means that these guys have a large fleet of recovery vehicles.

5.24/7 Availability

A car can get stranded at any time. Therefore, a professional towing company will be available at any time of the day.

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