How to Conserve Fuel Free of Cost


Gas prices are going up and down. It is a constant struggle for the car users to put up with this price fluctuations and stay steady in a budget, as the earning doesn’t match with all this ever for any. Hence the leading consumers need to be extra careful about consider the vehicle usage along with its maintenance costs.

For those who are yet to buy a new car, has more options open for them, but for those who has already done the investment in recent times, don’t find any other option than trying to conserve as much fuel as possible. And here we are for every car owner with some really effective fuel-saving solutions that we could gather from the Phoenix Mazda experts.

  1. Tires

Keep your car tires inflated to the recommended measures and keep more control the load. Underinflated tires would reduce your control on your vehicle that can in no time lead to a gruesome accident. Moreover, tires without the right amount of air pressure will make the tires struggle to move, for which they will need more fuel to move. To make sure you don’t drain out the precious fuel juice because of driving your car with underinflated tires, it is better to use a tire pressure gauge that can check the air pressure levels every week.

  1. Tune your Car

Keep your car finely tuned up by checking out the crucial parts that might work better with a replacement. This will overall keep the car parts in their best shape that will require less amount of fuel to work, and hence will save much on fuel. On the other hand, if you drive with car parts that are at the verge of wearing off, they will team up to affect the fuel efficiency. Try changing the spark plugs, replace the oil and air filters and the sensors as well.

  1. Drive with Care

If you have the habit of hard braking or drive with high speeds, it will surely have a negative impact on the fuel economy of your vehicle. To keep the fuel economy rate stay at their original place use the accelerator with a lighter foot and ease down the usage of the brake,  and instantly you can notice a significant change in the fuel economy rates, almost up to 30 percent, says the Environmental Protection Agency experts. While driving through the highways, it is better to use the cruise control and keep the driving speed under limit.

  1. Correct Grade of Engine Oil

Your car manufacturer has always recommended a particular grade of engine oil that is ideal for your vehicle. This is to help the car run with its full efficiency in saving gas. While re filling, if you shift to any other oil grade, that can lower the fuel economy even up to 2 percent. Even though that’s a not a significant number, the experts serving at the Mazda dealership near Phoenix say that it has its own contribution in preventing fuel-draining measures, without costing you anything.

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