How to Buy Online Bike Insurance?


In the contemporary scenario, online purchase of bike insurance has become a hassle-free and quick affair. Rather than going through the cumbersome offline processes related to comparing and buying bike insurance via direct vendors or insurance agents, people are opting for easy ways of buying the same through insurance aggregator websites. Here, we help you take a quick peep at the importance of buying online bike insurance after due comparison only.

Compare Before You Buy Online Bike Insurance

There is a consistent and steady rise in the number of bike insurance products hitting the marketplace every day. Resultantly, online bike insurance buyers like you are bound to get confused with regards to the varying features and benefits of these products that are available for grabs. More so, just like car insurance coverage, bike insurance too has different comprehensive insurance options with add-ons for more extensive customers. Therefore, it becomes crucial to understand and assess the need and availability of the right policy when it comes to buying bike insurance online.

Proper comparison will help you understand the nuances of different bike insurance products before you buy a specific policy. is a well-conceived insurance comparison website that will help you buy online bike insurance in the simplest of ways. You can get different quotes and ascertain the benefits provided by different insurance providers before going the full way with one. Given below are some important points of comparison that you should go through in the quest of the best online bike insurance for your needs.

1. Type of Coverage

The Indian Motor Vehicle’s Act, 1988 has made it compulsory for all bike owners to buy bike insurance as soon as they purchase a two-wheeler. This basic plan has received the mandate from the Government of India and is aimed at securing all third parties affected in an accident wherein the insurance holder is at fault. While it is a legal must to buy third party liability insurance, you may want to go for own damage coverage via a comprehensive online bike insurance policy. This policy will serve as a safeguard against all odds in the event of any mishap. Additionally, it is recommended that you look up different add-on packs to gain extensive coverage. Once you have understood and compared the extent and scope of coverage for different types of bike insurance products, you will find it easy to get the perfect one for yourself.

2. Insured Declared Value

Higher the IDV; higher will be the premium for the online bike insurance purchased by you. However, it is not a good idea to reduce the Insured Declared Value as the act will impact your coverage negatively. Once you have calculated the factual value of your vehicle for ensuring legal binding for a rightful claim, you will find it easy to compare the plans on offer to get the maximum coverage at the minimum possible premium amount.

3. Deductible

The deductible pertains to the amount of money agreeable to be paid by you, the policyholder, when you are staking the claim. This amount will impact your online bike insurance premium and thus requires adequate comparison when it comes to choosing the best plan. An increase in deductible lowers your premium amount, so you need to make your deductible quite moderate in order to avoid the risks of inappropriate claim settlement in future.

4. Accessories

Extra accessories added to your vehicle, whether with an intent of enhancing the performance or getting an altogether different visual appeal, needs to be disclosed in the bike insurance document for getting the rightful compensation as accessories claim. Any negligence in terms of proper disclosure may impact the lump sum amount permissible to you at the time of claim. You may like to compare the additional premium costs for different accessories before finalizing your purchase of an online bike insurance plan.

Best Offers with Online Bike Insurance

The best offers on bike insurance online policies can be attained by comparing various quotes and assessing the coverage amount and sum of premium. These days, it is quite easy to get the right bike insurance plan in your hands by calculating the premium amount earlier on through well-conceived online premium calculation tools. There are several other online comparison tools available on insurance aggregator sites to help you renew or buy comprehensive bike insurance plans for hassle-free claim settlements.

Last Word

Log into at the earliest to get access to the best online bike insurance. You may want to check out the different deals and discounts on premium to facilitate your purchase further.

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