How Mazda Explains Intelligent Driving


Mazda presents its next-generation car connectivity system this time that enables car safety to a large extent that allows the driver to enjoy the convenience of using his smartphone without even touching it, while driving. Mazda calls it as Mazda Connect that enables intelligent driving.

What is Intelligent Drive Master

So how does Mazda explain its concept of “intelligent driving”? When we visited the Las Vegas car dealers to seek the most authentic answers to our question, they shared with us the following information that was worth sharing.

The experts started describing the concept of “intelligent driving” to be something that makes driving a fun experience, especially after making them conscious about all the safety aspects that they should be aware of.

Hence, Mazda Intelligent Driving is making the act of driving a fun activity while making the passengers rest assure about their safety and comfort.

Surprisingly enough, this intelligent driving also improves the vehicle fuel economy rates as well. It helps improving the technique of driving. In other words, it is driving more “intelligently.”

How it Works

The concept of Mazda Intelligent Driving works in a simple way. The experts showed us how with the usage of the accelerator, brake and steering wheel, the passengers keep moving and swaying in response to the movements of the vehicle.

Mazda Intelligent Driving system uses an on board computer, that employs a spring-mass model that can calculate these body movements, which is again based on the speed in which the vehicle is moving, and the same technique applies to the driver’s steering angle inputs as well. So, all the body movements that are now computed are used for further evaluation of the driving style of the driver and simultaneously the results get displayed in real-time through a series of blue, green and white lights.

Moreover, this Intelligent Driving System of Mazda also allows the drivers to check on their overall score on driving. The experts from the chain of Las Vegas car dealerships agree to the point, that it encourages the drivers to keep a track on their progress of driving skills. Mazda recommends keeping the blue light on all the times that will enable the system to help the driver achieve all the techniques of “intelligent driving” in an intelligent way. The result will be a pleasant and comfortable ride for both the driver and the passengers, in every drive driven.

Blue Light Indicating Intelligent Driving

The blue light indicates that the driving is done “intelligently.” By keeping the blue light on at all times will enable the Intelligent Driving System on that will automatically keep helping the driver  while exhilarating, making each and every ride comfortable, thrilling and dynamic, while the passengers will enjoy a smooth rejuvenating ride experience. Staying in this zone will be indicative of maintaining a driving scale that will make the passengers feel comfortable while making best use of the fuel.

Green Light Indicating Mild Driving

The green light is indicative of mild and careful driving that will not allow the driving inputs cause any discomfort to the occupants.

White Light Indicating Body-Sway Driving

The white lamp will indicate a driving mode that will warn all the occupants of the probability to experience excessive body sway and an uncomfortable drive.

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