How Do You Choose the Window Tint? | Guide


Owning a car is a proud feeling. It does not matter if it is an old one or a brand new vehicle. The day you buy your first vehicle feels like a big accomplishment. But owning a vehicle is just the first step. In a world with different and convenient modes of financing available, owning a car is quite easy.

The challenging thing is maintaining it. Unfortunately, many people fail to take out time for car maintenance. This has a negative impact on the car’s value and performance. Individual components also suffer from premature wear and tear. It leads to costly repairs and replacements. But we do not mean to disparage car owners.

There are a lot of us who take extra care when it comes to our cars. Many people even install aftermarket parts to enhance the car’s physical appearance and performance. One such modification is window tinting. A lot of you would agree when we say that tinted windows add an element of mystique to a car besides improving its appearance.

However, before you go on and get tints installed, check out their legality in your area. In many states and countries altogether they are banned. For instance, car window tinting in Dubai was banned altogether before being allowed. Window tinting in Dubai is still banned for taxis and other commercial vehicles.

In other countries, a special permit is needed for tints. Similarly, in others, only law enforcement vehicles are allowed to have them installed. Irrespective of their legality, tints provide plenty of advantages. Therefore, before we talk about the best tips to select the window tint, let us talk about its advantages.

Advantages of Window Tinting

There are numerous advantages of tints.


First of all, they are a great way of ensuring privacy. Unfortunately, many people have a bad habit of ogling into other people’s cars during traffic stops and even when it is parked. Personally, I hate this and I have gotten into many arguments over it. However, fighting is not a good thing. The best thing to do is to have tints installed. This way, no one can see into your vehicle, ensuring your privacy.

Block Harmful Rays

Another advantage is that they block harmful rays from the sun. Ultraviolet rays are harmful, everyone knows this. But it is difficult to escape them when you are driving around. However, by opting for window tinting, these rays can be blocked.

Keep the Vehicle Cool

Similarly, sunlight can increase the temperature inside the passenger cabin. One way to keep the car cool is to turn on the AC to full. However, this results in increased fuel consumption and pressure on the AC. Again, window tints help to keep the car cool by blocking the sunlight. It is a great way of preventing extra stress on the AC and lowering your fuel consumption.

Protects the Interior

Furthermore, direct sunlight is harmful to the vehicle’s interior. By blocking direct sunlight, you can enhance the durability of the interior.

Offers Safety

Do you value safety? Of course, you do. Not just you, everyone values safety, right? Likewise, we have all heard stories about people breaking into someone’s car to steal valuables. The reason is that thieves can easily spot valuables inside the car. However, if you install window tints, it becomes difficult for would-be thieves to see what is inside the car. They might suspect that someone is inside it and feel compelled to stay away instead of breaking into it. This concludes the numerous advantages that window tints offer.

Now, let us discuss the best ways to decide the tint.

Deciding the Right Type of Window Tints

Check the Legality

The first step in deciding the right window tints for yourself is to check its legality. If they are illegal, there is no point in installing them. If they are legal, check the percentage too. What we mean to say is that many countries allow tints up to a certain percentage only. 100% tinting is not allowed. For instance, car window tinting in Abu Dhabi is only allowed up to 50%. Anything beyond that is illegal. If it is legal in your area, move to the next point.

Educate Yourself

Many people are of the opinion that window tinting is just installing a black sheet of paper on the windows. Well, it is a lot more than that. With advancements in technology, window tints, too, have made numerous advancements. Today, there are different types of tints available. The difference is in the intensity of the shade, quality, material and other things. Carbon tints are the most cost-effective option.

However, they need frequent replacement as they are not durable enough. On the other hand, many window tinting services have started to offer ceramic tints as well. This is expensive but also the most durable. There are also non-reflective and metallic tints. Depending on where you live, they might have different names for it, while all of them might not be offered too. Nevertheless, educate yourself fully in tints before moving to the next step.

Talk to Multiple Professionals

Instead of talking to a single workshop/professional (PitStopArabia), consult with as many as you can. Shun away your shyness and laziness. Talk to different people and do not hesitate to ask them any questions that you have in your mind. After you have studied in detail about tints, it is only natural that you test the knowledge of the people who are going to install the tints for you. If they do not know much about the product they are selling, it is unlikely that they would do a good job. Also, ask about discounts and warranty.

Finalize & Maintain

Once you have talked with multiple people, it is time to make a final decision. After getting the tints installed, you need to maintain them too. While car washing, make sure to use only tint compatible products while cleaning the windows. Never use ammonia-based products to clean window tints. Also, wait a few days before rolling your windows or washing them. It takes a little while for the film to be stuck onto the windows.

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