Getting the MOT Done


The MOT is an annual test that almost all car owners must get done at least once in a year. The MOT is designed to evaluate the roadworthiness of the vehicle and determines whether the car is safe for driving on the roads or not. The MOT is usually conducted at different workshops around the country. Some of the different components that will be checked include:

  • Engine emissions
  • Functionality of safety features
  • Car lights

If you want to get a cheap MOT in Plymouth, you might have to do your research to find a reliable company. There are a number of car workshops all over Plymouth that offer affordable MOTs. Here are some important things that you should know about booking a MOT for your vehicle.

Choose a Nearby Workshop

What’s the point of taking your car to a workshop that’s on the other end of the city? Look for a workshop that’s situated nearby so that you can easily get the MOT done at a convenient date and time. Also, make sure that you book the MOT for an advanced date when your calendar is clear so that your schedule doesn’t clash. Ideally, the MOT takes around an hour or two.

Prep Your Car

You might want to get some basic issues fixed in your car before you take it for the MOT. If you notice any weird noises coming from the car, get them checked first to boost your chances of passing the MOT in the first attempt.


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