Everything You Need to Know About MOT Testing


The MOT Test is an automobile test that needs to be taken once in a year if you want to keep your car on the roads. It is a requirement of the Ministry of Transport to ensure the roadworthiness of a vehicle. If you are pulled over, the police officer is probably going to ask you to show the certificate of the MOT test. One of the first things that you should know about the MOT test is that it can be done at any MOT testing centre around the country. You don’t have to explicitly take your car to the Ministry of Transport head office for the test. Here are some other significant things that you should know about the test.

The Main Features

  • You can get the test done from any of the Erith MOT testing centres. The first thing that will be checked is the exterior of your vehicle, as well as significant safety features such as the lights and the indicators.
  • The emissions of your vehicle will also be tested to ensure that they are under the limit specified by the Ministry.
  • The roadworthiness of the tires will be checked, along with other mechanical features of the vehicle to ensure that everything is up to the mark.

Booking for the Test

It’s better if you get the MOT test done from a centre that is closest to your place. Just search online for different workshops that offer MOT testing and make a booking by calling them.

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