Enjoy speed with the fastest Cars In India


There are several cars which are launched every year and are equipped with interesting features. Some people like to but the cars that offer them high speed. In that case, the given below are some of the fastest cars in India. These cars are the best and offer the best features for the ones who want to buy a new car.

Bugatti Veyron – This is one of the fastest cars in India, that is equipped with the petrol engine of 7993cc that offers a mileage of 5.2kmpl. The car also offers smart and height adjustable seats. This car is having the automatic features like Electro-hydraulic power steering, automatic climate control system along with this anti-lock and central lock braking system which provides safety.

Lamborghini Aventador – The car is launched with a top speed of 350kmph. The car is having a petrol engine that offers the displacement of about 6498cc which offers a power of around 730bhp. The car is having some exciting features like anti-lock braking system, keyless entry, adjustable seats to offer the comfortable journey.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – The car is equipped with a petrol engine of 6262cc that offers a mileage of 9kmpl. The car offers a top speed of around 340kmph and acceleration is 3.2 seconds. This is the car is two-seater car and launched with the advanced features like adjustable seats and headlights, power adjustable rearview mirror equipped with stylish alloy wheels.

Toyota Corolla Altis – This car equipped with a 6-speed transmission and is a 7 seater that is equipped with the airbags on each seat. The car with front and rear parking sensors offers more safety to the car. The car with a streamlined body and ABS system, adjustable seats and smart key entry is the best features of this car.

Volkswagon Polo GT – The car is equipped with a 1.2litre engine that offers a mileage of around 21.49kmpl and displacement of around 1197cc. The car with a steel body and welded roof offers the awesome look. The car is having mesmerizing features like it is equipped with airbags, touchscreen information, climate control system, front and rear cameras that grab the heart of the people.

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For the people who like to have a car that offers them with amazing speed. Then below given information depicts the fastest cars in India which one can buy for themselves.

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