Do You Need to Schedule an MOT Inspection


A Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is an annual inspection that reviews an auto’s safety, exhaust emissions, and reliability. This test is required in the UK for vehicles that are at least three years of age. Therefore, once your auto reaches three years old, you need to schedule this testing.

You’ll need to find a reliable garage to have the test performed. Affordable MOT services in Exeter usually take about an hour; however, that estimate is an average.

Check Your Vehicle First

Before you bring your car in for a MOT test, make sure the following systems are working on your car:

  • The lights should be operational
  • The screen wash should be filled, and the washers should work
  • The tyres should be in good shape and legal
  • The windscreen wipers should be in good repair

What Happens if Your Car Does Not Pass

The MOT test itself involves a number of checks inside and outside a vehicle, including emissions testing. If a car does not meet MOT testing, a VT30 certificate of failure is issued. The garage further explains the reasons for the failure to the client. A quote is provided so that the car can be repaired to a roadworthy condition.

Because it is considered an offence to drive a car without an MOT certificate, you need to have any recommended repairs made immediately. A re-test is free as long as your vehicle stays at the MOT testing centre for the required repairs. It is also important to have your car routinely maintenanced before scheduling an MOT test. Otherwise, the processes used during the evaluation can lead to engine damage.

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