Components That are Usually Repaired in Brakes


Cars can move safely only when the brakes are working fine. So, it is needless to say, that one cannot afford to postpone a repair if the brakes are damaged or have become unresponsive. But it is also a bitter true fact that the car brakes, like every other mechanism, can get worn out, damaged, and be in the need of a repair. But what exactly is repaired or replaced, when we take our car for a brake repair job? 

The team of mechanics at the Bridgman brake service center explained to us in detail, all those components that are usually repaired in car brakes. The piece of information seemed to us quite interesting and of course, worth sharing. 

Replacement of the Brake Pads

The most commonly found repairs done to the vehicle brakes are the brake pads. They are the ones that you keep pressing, whenever there is a need to slow down the vehicle or make it stop altogether. It is pretty normal a reason why the brake pads often need a repair. We use them as often as the accelerator, but the reaction of the brakes is much more forceful than that of the accelerator or the clutch. As a result, it is the pair of brake pads that get worn out before the accelerator or the clutch pads. 

In most cases, brake pads are replaced than repaired. This is so because once the brake pads are worn out, they do not leave any option to get repaired, but only replaced by new ones. The timeframe within which a car user must change the brake pads will be mentioned in the user’s manual. Hence, it is highly recommendable to change them n time, before the pads go out of order, and your brakes start defying your orders. 

Treating the Brake Rotors

This is a complex mechanism in the brake system that connects the brake pads with the wheels. When the brake rotor faces any damage, it can be suggested either to get repaired or get replaced, depending upon the level of damage it has suffered. 

Sometimes, the brake rotor is re-machined if the condition allows this process. But many times, the damage is beyond repair and seeks only a replacement. Many times, it is also left to the mechanics and the user, whether to repair the brake rotor or to replace it, on the basis of the cost involved in each. But in most cases, the auto experts and the mechanics would suggest a replacement than a repair since that will benefit the car user more. It is so because, the process of re-machining the brake rotor might be as costly as a replacement, though it might not be as effective as using a new brake rotor, especially an OEM part.

At a center for brake pads and rotor service near Bridgman we were warned that a car user must never allow the “metal-to-metal” collision point in the brakes to come since it is highly risky a situation, where the brakes are most likely to lead to a fatal accident.

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