Commercial EV Charging Station



On the streets of US cities, there are more and more cars with electric “refueling” — it is another global trend. The infrastructure is gradually adjusting to the owners of electric cars. According to the Statista Mobility Market Outlook report, about 1.9 million electric vehicles will be sold in the US in 2026. By 2030, there will be up to 25 million owners of this type of transport in the country. Therefore, now, business owners need to think about purchasing an EV charging station.

Benefits of using electric charging stations for business

The probability that the owner of an electric car will choose a cafe, fitness center, or another pastime with the possibility to recharge the car is much greater than an object without such a point.

Electric refueling does not include:

  • Special training of employees
  • Availability of a separate territory
  • Additional staff

Installation of equipment is carried out in a short time, after which the car can be charged immediately, and information about the new point appears in the gadgets. In addition to stations tied to electric networks, there is equipment that runs on batteries. Buying a charging station is very profitable for the owner of the facility — they decide whether refueling will be a bonus for customers of its establishment or use will be on a paid basis.

The power plant is universal in terms of working conditions, it can be used by individuals. Points are installed in the courtyards of high-rise buildings, near a detached house. You can recharge an electric car at any time, even at night at a reduced rate.

The future of transport lies with electricity. The industry will develop, and those who enter it now will stand at its origins tomorrow. An electric vehicle charging station will give your business a noticeable competitive advantage and the convenience of your own company’s vehicles.

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