Cash for Car Removal Service! Get Rid of Unwanted Car! Get Rid of Clutter and Get Paid Top Cash for it!


Looking to get instant cash for an old or unwanted car? We offer cash for cars and car removals Melbourne. As a trustworthy car wrecking company, Cars Wanted Melbourne offers services relating to car removal across Melbourne. We will not only remove the unwanted, used or scrap car for free, but will also leave you with a handsome sum of money. On pick-up, we offer cash no matter what the make or model of car is. We do not lay emphasis on the documentation. All we require from you is proof of ownership. Whether the car is registered or not matters little to us. Our services are quick, efficient and offered on the same day.

Looking for Car Removal Experts In Melbourne Or Its Surrounding Suburbs?

All throughout Melbourne, we not only offer car removals or car pick up services but also offer car recycling assistance and car spare parts. We send your vehicle straight to the recycling center following an eco-friendly approach. By doing so, we help in the recovery of salvageable parts and safe disposal of hazardous substances. The leftover steel is sent to the steel recycling center. So, you leverage on every bit of your used and damaged car while also having the peace of mind knowing that your car removal is not damaging the environment.

Is There an Unwanted Car at Your Garage Gathering Dust?

If there is an unwanted, old or used car in your garage gathering dust, or an automobile which got wrecked as a result of accident, Cars Wanted Melbourne has the team of car removal experts to offer car pick up assistance on the same day. We can remove old cars from anywhere in Melbourne. So, give us a call now. If you are looking for fuss-free and prompt car removal service and access to instant cash amount, get in touch with us. We are here to lend a helping hand and will be extremely happy to assist you. Contact our friendly team of staffs now. Our business of car removals is flourishing across Australia. If there is a damaged car in your property, our car towing service can help in the removal. Our rates are competitive, and we share a strong bond with our customers. We are known for offering the best cash for scrap cars, unwanted cars or damaged and used cars. At Cars Wanted Melbourne, we accept various makes and models of scrap cars and damaged cars. If the car is functional and roadworthy, we can offer you a really good price for it.

Why Choose Us for Scrap Car Removal?

Wondering why you should choose us when there are so many car removal companies around?

We are the preferred choice when it comes to car removal Melbourne for the following reasons:

  • If you have limited resources and are unable to get rid of the car from an area, do not worry. Just give us a call and let our experts arrive at your site for car removals. The vehicle will be towed away on the very first visit and you will get instant cash.
  • We offer fast, efficient and reliable service to ensure that the vehicle is picked on the spot. If you wish to schedule car pickup on any other day, we are okay with that too.
  • Whether the car is roadworthy or not, whether it is registered or not, we will take it and offer instant cash for it.
  • We have a team of experienced, knowledgeable and highly qualified staffs to offer best customer service.
  • Cars Wanted Melbourne is a licensed and certified company.

So, call us now to schedule a car pick up. Get a free quote now to decide for yourself. We are here to ease the process of scrap car removals. Call 0451 101 985.

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