Campervans Are What Dreams Are Made Of


Campervans are loved by many, especially children and renting one and taking them away out on the road and into the countryside is easily one of the best decisions you will make. Some worry that having kids in a space smaller than their homes is going to be a nightmare but the opposite is true. These campervans are children’s dream homes, but on wheels. They have beds that go on the roof and you can only get there by a ladder and kids love this. It is an adventure where they can run around, get tired and enjoy a great night’s sleep, which means you, the parents, get a good night’s sleep also. Perfect.

Plan But Be Flexible.

  1. Plan your trip, but don’t be too rigid as somewhere might pop up that you really like and you might want to stay a few extra days. It’s best to pick a destination you are headed towards for the first day and book a campsite also because you might get there and it’s all booked up. Try to drive at times when the children are a little tired like after a meal or mid afternoon. That way they get some sleep and you get some peace to drive.

Shop Around.

  1. Be sure to check out the prices when you are looking for a campervan rental as prices vary from company to company. Some offer special deals at certain times of the year and some offer additional discounts if you rent for longer. Depending on what country you rent in, prices do vary and you need to remember that on top your RV rental charge, you need to pay additional rent at the campsites also. Where would I find an RV rental near me, I hear you say, well, there is rent RV in USA, and most countries in the world, and they are best sourced online.

Be Safe.

  1. If you are travelling with kids then you need to rent a camper that provides child seats if you need them and additional seat belts. Mini RV’s for example come with five seat belts providing protection for everyone. They are going to get a little bored at times, so bring board games, a deck of cards, anything that’s going to keep them happy until you get to where you are going. There’s nothing worse than a rainy day or night with kids who have nothing to do.

Check The Laws.

  1. The law in some countries varies regarding RV’s and stopping anywhere on the road. Some countries allow stopping for free and others not. If you do decide to stop, make sure that you are not upsetting the locals and other RV’ers by blocking a beautiful view and make sure the place where you are stopping is safe for you and your family.

Be Aware.

  1. Most campervans can be driven on a normal licence, but always check anyway that you are legally allowed to drive the RV rental you have chosen for your trip. Laws differ from country to country and it’s best to Google and make sure you are following the rules of the road.

Renting a campervan and setting off on the road is a fantastic experience and one that your children will thank you for again and again. Most likely they will want to do it every year and so it’s best to get it right first time. Follow the above tips and you are well on your way to having a great family vacation that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

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