Are Aftermarket Exhaust Systems Worth It?


Aftermarket parts are an exceptional way to enhance the appearance and overall performance of your car. Not only do they achieve this, but they’re generally cheaper than OEM parts while providing the same benefits.

The great thing about buying aftermarket is that there is no shortage of systems out there, including a wide range of aftermarket exhaust systems. But are these car engine parts really worth it?

If you’re considering purchasing an aftermarket exhaust system to boost your car engine, then there’s a lot you should consider before making a decision. Here, we’re sharing everything you need to know about these aftermarket systems. Just keep on reading to become an expert!

Types of Aftermarket Exhausts

There are 3 main types of aftermarket exhaust systems available for purchase. Check them out below:

  • Axle-back: This type replaces the stock exhaust system from the back axle to the muffler.
  • Cat-back: This type replaces the OEM exhaust system from the catalytic converter to the muffler.
  • Header-back: This type replaces the entire stock exhaust system of a vehicle.

When it comes to boosting your car’s performance and fuel economy, a header-back system is the most effective. A cat-back is moderate, and an axle-back is the least powerful.

Increasing Horsepower

Horsepower is the amount of power that your car’s engine produces. Many people who are interested in modifying their vehicles focus on increasing horsepower.

Aftermarket exhausts work to clear your car’s engine emissions more efficiently, creating more space for fuel and air intake. In turn, this increases your car’s power and makes for a more impressive and satisfying drive.

Improving Fuel Economy

When you get the perfect balance of oxygen and fuel in a car engine, you’re directly improving fuel economy. A high-quality aftermarket exhaust system (like Borla Exhaust) will allow your car to burn fuel more efficiently.

Start looking forward to saving on gas!

More Impressive Sound

One of the main reasons car owners choose to modify their exhaust system is to create a better sound. Everyone loves that spine-tingling, ultra-satisfying roar of a car’s engine, and buying aftermarket performance parts certainly achieves this.

Get ready for your car to be the center of attention!

Increasing a Car’s Value

Cars, when modified tastefully, sell for more than plain-Jane vehicles with no modifications.

Even if you’re modifying an older vehicle model, you can still expect more money in your pocket when it comes time to sell compared to if you decide not to add anything on. This makes aftermarket parts totally worth it!

Enhance Your Car Engine With Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

Are aftermarket exhaust systems really worth it? We definitely think so!

So, if you’re looking to modify your vehicle with aftermarket parts, you can expect to see an improvement in your car engine performance in more ways than one.

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