An overview of the Maruti Suzuki VitaraBrezza


In this era, a car is not a status symbol any more. Indeed it has been a necessity in a large city where the distance is huge from one place to another. Are you longing to buy a car and you are confused whether to buy the VitaraBrezza or not, then you are at the right place as this post will explain all about the features of the car. It also demonstrates the reliability of the car, and thereby one can easily figure out whether the car is appropriate for him or not.

Features of the car

The Vitara Brezza is about 4 meters in length, and it is the sub-compact SUV of Maruti Suzuki. These are available in six varieties, and each one of them is equipped with the flat diesel motor. The company claims that the car can offer a mileage of about 25 kilometres per litre. The car has successfully been able to have its hold on all the automobile enthusiasts out there.

It had refreshed the customers with its fresh looks which have a dual tone. It is somehow fitted with all the decorative tools like those of the 16-inch alloy wheels, LED and projector headlamps.  Hence in this way the company has made sure that there are elegant and modern looks of the car and which can make the owner of the car swell with immense pride. The car is all set with the streamlined fashioned look, and this makes the car more sophisticated looks with the sharp headlights and a nice bold grille.

Interior of the car

The thing that is noted the most is the interior of the car. As all the cars are focusing on the improvisation of the looks of the cabin of the car MarutiVitaraBrezzafacelift lacks such features. The look of the car is not elegant. The interior of the cabin has been provided with normal features which are essential to be included in all the other cars as well.

But the car does not provide that premium comfort and sophistication when we talk of the interiors of it. But it is not like it is not adjustable in this part. The car provides all the essential features that are required by a normal passenger, but the car lacks that sense of elegance and luxury which are nowadays commonly found to be improvised in almost all the cars in the market.

But the car is spacious enough and can easily hold five passengers comfortably. When it comes to the safety features provided by the car, then it is quite a noticeable thing that the car has the airbag which is for the driver, and there are passenger’s airbags as well in the car. There are the options of ABBS with EBD also. Apart from all the shortcomings the car possesses,it is worth buying as it has all the necessary features and is also available at a reasonable cost as well.

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