A glance at Car Window Tinting


Window film or tinting is done on the outer and inner side of the windows of automobiles, homes, boats and buildings. The window tinting makes your car remarkable and breathtaking for anyone who sees it. This is the best way of making your old car upgrade and new. Everyone claims that they are an expert in the tinting process. It is very important for a proper search to find out the best professional tint installer. When you go for a car window tinting service, ask them to show their samples. Assess their professionalism in car tinting service by looking at their samples and then evaluate it then go for the service. There are different types and categories of tint brands available. Select the best brand for your car so that it looks striking and eye-catching.

Composition of tint or film

It is mostly made from polyethylene terephthalate. This compound is made from the resin of polyester. The material is as clear as a crystal, having high tensile strength, highly stable from all dimensions, and it adheres to a variety of surfaces.


On the basis of different types of materials used in composition, tints are classified in different categories:

  • Dyed
  • Pigmented window
  • Metallic
  • Ceramic
  • Nano

Different types of substrate used in tint making. On the basis of these substrate tints, are classified into

  • Glass
  • Polycarbonate

There are different purposes of window tints. At the basis of their technical performance:

  • They can be used as privacy in automobiles. It gives you 95% of privacy to the car member by blocking the visible light. It makes the look of your car cool.
  • For security and safety purposes, window tints are used in cars.
  • To protect from the solar radiation they are used. It makes your car cool and protects you from UV rays. It almost provides an SPF of 1000. The UV rays cause the discoloration of the interior of the vehicle. These window tints are a need for every car owner as it reduces the heat transfer and increases the comfort of sitting in the car.

History of car window tint

In 1966 for the first time window tinting of a car was done which promoted the automotive window film industry. Firstly they tried to make it transparent but then people started liking tinted windows. till 1970 mostly people applied this. The reason behind liking tinted black windows is the privacy of people sitting in cars. Some people take this to 80% which results in accidents.

Now you can choose from 5% to 70% tinted sheets and also have a choice of different colors. Form of tint film gets advanced with passage of time.

Here are two famous variants of automobile films which are mostly used in automobile windows:

Crystalline series

There are two types in this series:

  • Crystalline 40

This film is made of 200 layers, and it is very clear. This has the following properties.

It only transmits 40% of light.

60% sunlight is rejected by the car.

99.97% infra-red radiation is rejected by this film.

99% UV radiation is rejected by film.

Glare is reduced by 50%

This film is not turned into purple and doesn’t interrupt radio signal transmission.

  • Crystalline 70

It transmits 70% of visible light.

It rejects 50% of total energy.

97% of infra-red radiations rejected.

It comprises 99% of UV rejection

About 22% glare is reduced by this series of window film.

Color stable series

There are two types of color stable series available with different specifications.

Color stable 5

In this series there is only 5% of visible light transmission. About 57% of total solar energy. It is rejected. It rejects 77% of infra-red radiations and 99% of UV radiations. There is 90% glare reduction in this film.

Color stable35

In color stable 35 there is 35% visible light transmission, 54% of total solar energy is rejected by this film. It rejects 77% of infra-red radiations and 99% of UV rejection. There is 56% glare reduction in this series.

Tint for different lifestyles

The darkest tint

These types of tint block heat and glare and make your drive comfortable and cozy. It blocks 99% of UV rays, so that you are protected from harmful rays of the sun. The use of deep black will increase the privacy of your car. There are two shades available in this category of dark tint.

Ceramic technology

This technology is quite innovative in the field of window tinting. It proves itself superior in rejection of infra-red radiation. This type is resistant to fade, and it is deep black in color. It doesn’t affect the use of any of your technology used in the car like GPS technology. This category has multiple shades available.

The darkest safety tint

This type of tint is four times thicker than standard film. In case of any accidents, this will hold the shattered glass. It also prevents smashing and hitting anything with the car mirror. There are two shades available in this tint. It rejects 54% solar energy.

UPF%50+ Protection

Its view is as clear as a crystal. It has the ability to reject maximum heat and glare. The installation of this tin gives stunning looks to your car.

Economically effective

This category is for those people who are pocket lovers and want to keep money in their pocket. This type of tint category gives reduction in glare and hence gives safe driving. It blocks the heat and gives a hot look to your car.

Points to be considered before window tinting

The brand’s options are very important to consider for window tinting. The reason is that the best brands are of high quality and performance. They will give a long life performance without any disturbance. but this is not universal truth, you can choose a tint film for your car at affordable prices according to your requirements.

Level of technology in tint

There are different technologies available in window tints. UV protection tint will protect your car from extreme heat by protecting you from solar heat and UV rays. In this way you will run less air conditioner and save your money. Ceramic tint films provide better protection from UV and infrared radiation and saves cars from getting extra heat up. Many manufacturers now offer tint film in different colors. Some window tint professionals provide expert service in machine cutting of tint so that it will perfectly place in your car windows. So assess the level of technology before using window tint for your car.

Parameters of good quality tint

The good quality matters in window tinting. If you are going for window tinting of a car, then observe the following points from materials to their installation. A good-quality tint installed by a professional never has a bubble, crack, peeling and color change.

A good quality tint film has the following properties. It should block maximum Uv radiation, infrared radiations less glare, heat and has maximum guarantee. A tint fil changes the look of your car so a tint film must be like this to make your car good looking and attractive.

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