5 Reasons to Buy a Forklift This Year


OSHA suggests an employee should not be subject to lifting more than 50 pounds. Alternatively, depending on the size, a forklift averages a weight load of around 10,000 pounds.

You don’t need a calculator to determine the staggering difference there.

If you are in an industry that used forklifts in any capacity, you know how valuable they can be. The efficiency of this machine isn’t matched.

Whether you need a forklift for a large scale operation or for a small loading logistics, make sure you know the benefits.

Read on to discover 5 reasons this is the year to buy a forklift.

1) Avoid Costly Rental Fees

I know what you are thinking. It is far cheaper to rent a forklift than to buy one. However, if you know your operations needs this machine regularly, the rental fees begin to add up. If you rent many times a year, how long before the buying surpasses this cost?

Furthermore, if your business is growing, the usage is going to increase. Avoid these fees with a one-time buy that begins paying for itself immediately.

2) Work Smarter

Not only do rentals add up in cost, but there are also some reliability issues. Perhaps you have a surprise shipment that needs lifting in a hurry. Is there a rental available? Will it show up in time?

Owning a forklift allows your company to work smarter. It’s there when and where you need it. Your operations team no longer needs to fret over lifting logistics. Cut a step from your supply chain by having a forklift on-hand.

3) Work Faster

As mentioned earlier, your employees should only lift so much weight. A forklift will speed up processes. Instead of breaking down a 3000 lbs pallet and loading it by hand, save time using a machine.

A forklift is used for much more than lifting payloads into flatbed trailers and trucks. With a forklift, you can optimize your workspace lifting and rearrange your shelving. Stack crates to clear up square footage. Even use it to break down boxes and toss pallets.

Though, these projects are only possible if you own a forklift.

4) Train Staff on Specific Forklift

If you own a forklift, you can train your staff on this specific machine. Instead of having one employee certified, you will have time to qualify more people.

Not only will this improve productivity, but it is safer and more efficient. Operating the same machine every time will give your team a chance to familiarize themselves with the vehicle.

5) Add an Asset to the Company

Finally, If you decide to buy a forklift this year, you’ll be adding an asset to your company. This will improve the equity of your business. Whether you are thinking of buying new or used, be sure to do your research. The better machine you buy, the more value it will keep over time.

Take a look at this article if you are considering buying from Princeton. Regardless of type, a forklift is a worthwhile purchase.

Lift Your Operations

Whether you have a large or a small operation, the benefits of buying a forklift are clear. Make this the year you improve your business by adding a forklift.

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