4 Interesting Facts about California Traffic


The traffic in California is notably bad. A 2019 report found that the Los Angeles area and the San Francisco area were two of the worst areas for congestion in the United States.

But, what else is there to know about California traffic? Let’s find out.

  1. California Has Some Weird Traffic Laws

If you look into traffic and road laws in California, you might be able to find some interesting laws on the books.

For example, in Glendale, you can’t jump out of cars that are traveling at over 65 miles an hour. In Eureka, pedestrians aren’t allowed to take a nap in the street — although that’s probably something you’d want to avoid, regardless of where you live.

In Arcadia and Temecula, certain types of birds (Peacocks and ducks, respectively) may have the right of way, depending on what road you’re on.

And, state law already anticipates driverless cars, since they have special laws that only apply to cars without drivers.

  1. Car Accidents are Common

Traffic accidents occur on California roads all the time. According to statistics from 2019, an estimated 36,120 people died in motor vehicle crashes that year.

And, while traffic accidents have been decreasing overall, accidents among teenaged drivers, drivers under the influence, or distracted drivers have been increasing.

If you’re a motorcycle driver who wants to avoid any serious incidents, use some of the tips and trips from this article to get started.

  1. Some Of The Roads Run Long

California is a big state, so it’s no surprise that it also has some significantly long stretches of road, highways, and the like. California’s Highway 1 is over 655 miles long.

San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge is 1.7 miles long, while the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge is approximately seven miles long. Dumbarton Bridge is about 1.6 miles long, and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is about 4.4 miles.

Since, for example, approximately 9000 cars take Route 330 alone, these long roads can get backed up with traffic very easily.

  1. California Is Full of Cars

California is one of the most prolific states when it comes to the number of cars and drivers, too. There are currently over 31 million vehicles registers in California, and over 23 million drivers licensed in California. That’s a lot of cars! The first car to be registered in California was way back in 1902, one of less than 150 cars to be used in the area back in that time.

In terms of specific types of cars, Marin County (near San Francisco) is thought to have the largest number of BMWs in the world.

But, be careful – if you acquire a car out of state, you’ll have to make sure that your new vehicle meets California’s smog standards in order to register it.

California Traffic: Know The Facts

Clearly, there’s more to know about California than you could have imagined. Make sure that you stay safe on the road while you think about these California traffic facts!

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