3 Reasons Why Buying A Second Hand Car Is A Wise Decision


When you get into a taxi or a rental car, the first thing you experience is probably that new car smell. There is nothing quite like the smell of a new car and it is one that most of us, want to experience at least once in our lives. But that new car smell is going to cost you, and that’s when you really need to consider if a new car is really worth it. When you drive it out of the showroom, it has been suggested that it loses twenty percent of its value, right at that point. Buying a new car means that you know exactly what you are getting, but at a significantly higher price.

The option for buying used cars in Sydney is there, and it seems to be the sensible choice when wanting to trade up from your current model. If you are looking at a vehicle that is less than three years old, then you are looking at a vehicle that is only slightly used, in today’s modern car market. Technology now, regarding engines, has greatly advanced and most recently built cars can go around the clock twice and still drive like new. There are many good reasons why you should buy a used car and here are some of them.

  1. Save Money – It seems obvious but the amount of money you will save just by choosing a used car is significant, when you look at the same car new. It can amount in most cases, to thousands of Australian dollars. Most cars after only three years, lose over fifty percent of their value through depreciation, and other benefits are less tax paid on the price of the car, and your insurance should be less, as the car is worth less than the new value. This money saved can be spent on some add-ons for the car, to make your ride a little more comfortable.

  1. Reliability – Used cars are just as reliable as new ones, because they have been serviced regularly under their warranty. Regular oil and filter changes mean the engine will not be showing any signs of wear, and because most vehicles now last a lot longer, you will probably still be having no issues with the car after ten years, if you take care of it.

  1. Detailed Information – Due to your used car being under warranty, it will have a service history in the service manual and this gives you great reassurances, that the vehicle is in tip top condition. The miles will be logged in the book at regular intervals, so that you know the miles on the clock of the car are the real miles, and not as a result of clocking. It will also list the previous owners and whether or not the car was a private vehicle or a fleet car. Everything you need to know is all there, so you can make an informed decision.

Second hand cars are a sensible investment for any Australian motorist and cars that come with a service history even more so. The secondhand car dealers now, offer great vehicles at great prices and they stand over their cars. You can’t get fairer than that.

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