3 Brilliant Pickup Truck Modifications That Improve Gas Mileage


Did you know that almost 43% of all vehicles purchased in America were SUVs or pickup trucks?

If you own an SUV or pickup truck, you know that you can drop your gear in the back and escape the city on a road trip at any time with your friends. If you want to travel long distances, however, you may want to manage your costs carefully.

Do you know how you can improve gas mileage on a long journey?

Read on to find out how you can get more mileage for your money in our in-depth article.

Engine Monitoring

The best way to learn how to increase gas mileage is to understand how your truck is handling fuel and other factors such as air. An engine monitoring system can help with this.

Whether you are using a truck on its own or towing a trailer or caravan, Stealth Modules can help you understand how to get the most out of your engine.

It can also help you to make comparisons, should you change elements of your engine. For example, you might find it handy if you switch from regular to synthetic fuels.

It will ensure that your engine is working efficiently, and also provide suggestions for further improvements.

Performance Intake

One of the most effective pickup truck mods you can add is a performance intake mod.

You might think that performance parts are all about speed and making a great noise, but that is not necessarily true. Often, engine designers focus on ensuring that the engine runs quietly and smothers sound.

This can lead to the introduction of inefficiency to achieve this.

Speak with your local motor parts provider about what performance intake parts could help lower your fuel costs.

Pickup Truck Caps

One of the major causes of inefficiency in trucks is the open bed at the back. This is often a trap for wind and can create serious amounts of drag that affect pickup truck gas mileage rates.

Pick up a cap or cover that can prevent air from entering in pockets and corners in your truck bed. These will redirect air smoothly over the back of the pickup truck in a way that reduces drag, and thus fuel inefficiency, dramatically.

How to Improve Gas Mileage and Much More

Owning a truck or SUV is a great opportunity to get out into the countryside and escape the stress of the city. You can pack your tent and trekking gear and escape the rat race with your friends.

However, if you are going to travel long distances, you may want to think about how to improve gas mileage rates. Doing this can help you keep taking great trips without the burden of the high cost of fuel.

If you are interested in learning more about these subjects, then why not keep reading? We have many more high-quality articles on our blog page that we know you will love.

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