Points To Remember Before Buying A New RAM Vehicle


Chandler, Maricopa County has a population of over 250,000 and is one of the bests cities in Arizona. With an average income of about $82,000, higher than the national average. The town is only 26.5 miles from the Apache Junction featuring the popular Apache trail. It is a 40-mile stretch of winding roads and steep unpaved lanes, offering breathtaking scenes.

Are you looking to purchase a Ram 1500? RAM vehicles are top-rated vehicles with Chandler citizens. It allows them to explore the Apache trail and other areas around the city. The vehicle is so popular that 569,388 pick-ups were sold in 2021 alone. These are the points to remember when looking at new RAM 1500 listings in Chandler, AZ.

Know What You Need

Identifying your needs is critical to any purchase. It becomes more crucial when considering a significant purchase such as a RAM 1500. Consider how you will use the vehicle for recreational purposes, transporting goods, or towing items from place to place?

Also, look at all the additional features such as GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, sunroof, remote start, blind-spot monitoring, and android or iOS car play. While there is a lot of stuff out there, you should analyze what you need rather than what’s on sale.

Inspect The Interior

A RAM vehicle’s exterior makes it appealing to most buyers, but you should also dive in to check the cabin. The interiors should be comfortable so that you and your fellow passengers are comfortable even after a long and bumpy ride. Ensuring that you have enough legroom is also essential, as cramped seating can make you cranky soon.

Bed Length

When reading new RAM 1500 listings in Chandler, AZ, make sure to dig deeper into the bed length and cab styles. The bed lengths on a RAM 1500 are available in 5-foot 7 inches and 6-foot 4-inch variants. The short bed length gives you a cargo space of 53.9 cubic feet, while the longer bed gives you an area of 61.5 cubic feet. These decisions go a long way in the vehicle’s usability.

Cab Styles

Take your pick from Quad cab or Crew cabin. The difference is in how much room you have to move around. A Quad cab is smaller than the Crew cabin. It offers a legroom of about 40.9 inches, while its counterpart offers 45.2 inches to stretch your legs. The headroom, shoulder space, and hip room are similar in both cab styles.

Therefore, you can pick a cab style based on your legroom needs. With enough legroom, you can plan a picnic at the San Tan Mountain Regional Park or go bird-watching at the Veterans Oasis Park without having to worry about your vehicle.

Safety Specs

The safety specs of your vehicle matter. They can be passive, active, and driver-assist features. Passive features include seatbelts, airbags, and supplemental front seats. These make sure that the passengers are not hurt in case of a crash. The active features help prevent collisions. They include automatic stability control, ready alert braking, hill assist, rain brake, and much more.

The driver assist specs include sensors that help drivers navigate unsafe conditions and drive safely. You can expect blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, elegant cruising, and trailer detection. When you attach a trailer, the system detects its length automatically and helps maneuver it accordingly.

Check Warranty

When analyzing new RAM 1500 listings in Chandler, AZ, it is best to check the manufacturer’s warranty and the dealers’. Typically, the manufacturer will guarantee three years or 36,000 miles, whichever is earlier. Your dealer can throw in a little extra with a care plan or just because they know you. Regardless, you need to make sure to check the warranty before deciding.

Engine Specs

Most RAM 1500s have a 5.7-liter engine with an iron-block pushrod V-8. It operates at a horsepower of 395 and a torque of 410 lb-ft. You can cruise leisurely on the steep, winding, and the unpaved 40-mile stretch of the Apache trail in a Ram 1500, and the engine will give you smooth sailing through the entire trip.

Depending on your usage, you can pick from a V6 or V8 engine. A V6 allows you to drive quickly through the city and the highway with light towing options, but for some real heavy towing, you need a V8.

The RAM 1500 is ideal for families, business, off-roading, long road trips. When reading new RAM 1500 listings, consider the above points to pick the most suitable vehicle. Selecting the cab style and engines based on your needs rather than popularity will ensure that you have a truck that lasts long.

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